Sunday, March 18, 2012

CHI: My White Knight (gone Strapless)

I have another polish picked up by Aaron, all on his own, to go with the other one he picked up for me. LOL I've never seen CHI before, but suddenly HEB got a huge crate of 'em for $1.98. Got home to find out if it's animal-friendly (as far as I can tell it is) and also found out that people are selling it on eBay for $6? Crazy. So, without further delay, CHI - My White Knight:

The formula's not as smooth as it's trying to make itself look in the picture. That's three coats. It does dry really quickly, though! (so, of course, I got another one I'll show you someday) Now, Aaron's idea was to pair this with Strapless (or, as he called it, "That blue sparkly one I got you") Now, he didn't quite specify he was thinking more of a french tip with the Strapless, so I didn't do that. I think it would be really neat that way, so I'm going to try and give it a shot for him before too long.

Here you can kinda see the inconsistency of Strapless. It looks really cute, but it looked more even over Cold Metal. I think a 2-coat tip could help it. Things to look forward to!

One other thing to look forward to is what I have on now. You've probably seen it before, but I've got Hard Candy: Beetle. Hopefully tomorrow won't be as overcast because it's really gorgeous. I don't want to get into it too much just yet, just know I've got some pretty strong opinions (near blasphemous depending on your level of polish fanaticism) coming!


  1. Lol "that blue sparkly one I got you" love it!

    1. lol He's such a sweetheart. Even told me to check if there's an Ulta near where we're gonna be in Dallas this week. :D *happy dance*


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