Thursday, March 15, 2012

ChG: Papaya Punch (plus plus PLUS!)

lol I really liked Papaya Punch more than I initially thought I would. I got it because it was China Glaze on clearance. I've become a *tad* obsessed with the brand. (bad Lizzy!) I can't help it. I love the polish, I love the name, I love the logo and I love the bottles. So, is it blind brand-love or is this really just an awesome bright orange polish?

It is bright! Not quite neon, but nearly. And so smoooooooth. That is two coats. Now.... I kind of felt like a woman posessed, because I just could not leave this polish alone. A compulsion that began when I dinged my right index finger while changing out the trashcan bag in the kitchen. First I added a coat of Pure Ice: Naughty Girl which turned it from a bright Summerish orange into a nice, golden Autumny orange:

My original intent from the beginning was to just use PP and my new Luxe and Lush, buuuuut then I got to thinking. (uh-oh) If flakey is good and glitter is good, then flakey AND glitter will be awesome! So after NG I added a coat of Warpaints Beauty: White Noise.

ta-da! Now for the coup de grĂ¢ce. China Glaze: Luxe and Lush.

OOOOoooooooh. Purdy. Now, this is my first flakey so I don't know if this is typical or not. Putting L&L over the orange turned the flakies orangey. Which is kind of cool, because I don't think I have to worry about future color clashing. Aaron said it looked like pretzel salt. LOL Just for kicks I tried to go out and do another video (with my Vado cam this time) and on my pc it looks and sounds fine, so *fingers crossed* (it is mostly out of focus, that's not you, it's me)

And if anybody asks, my voice is a bit deeper and less annoying than that. I'll swear to it. :p

I did matte this (of course I did!), but I don't think my camera felt up to cooperating anymore. Notice my orange hand in one. Maybe you can tell the difference better:

*shrugs* The difference wasn't as dramatic in real life as I expected either. Not taking into account swatches I've seen of matte-ed flakies. (and I sincerely apologize for my nasty, dry, old lady hand there. I left my good lotion in the car....) Ah well, next time I'll try it over a darker base. Maybe over Beetle! O_o Because if duochrome is good and flakies are good..... hehehehehe

Before I let you go, if you happen to follow Sam over at The Polished Medic she's having a give-away to celebrate her one year and 200 followers. You have to be a follower to enter. I dunno how she feels about "I started following today so ha-ha!", but... meh. There's the link and you can decide for yourself.

Now to post this up and check the video quality real quick. Hope everyone's having a great week so far. It's almost over!

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