Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April 15: No Gas Day

Saw this floating around facebook and figured it was worth sharing. For posterity, if nothing else, since gas here (in freakin' Texas) is $3.75/gallon at Chevron. At least.... it was yesterday. Who knows what's going on out there today?

While I don't clearly remember April of 1997 (I was a Sophmore in high school and gas was only about $1.50/gallon back then); I do remember the big "gas is gonna jump up $2/gallon tomorrow get yours today!" scare a few years back (I think that had something to do with 9/11?) and all the gas stations were crammed. It scares me how much it's gone up recently and I figure this is worth a shot. We only pump about $6 every 2-3 days so it shouldn't be too hard to not get gas on the 15th, right? I wish I could say "It couldn't hurt", but... I don't know if I really believe that either. What really scares me, if I may confess, is something I saw on the news the other night. Something like 20 different clips of Obama repeating "there is no silver bullet when it comes to gas prices" over and over like a deranged mantra. First off, who taught him that phrase? Second off, is that really supposed to make us feel better? Third, maybe you can't wave a magic wand and cut gas prices in half, but are you seriously telling me that we're just doomed to watch the prices rise every day while he's in charge? Because that's what it started sounding like. "no silver bullet; no silver bullet; no silver bullet" Well, how about you stop sounding so defeatist about it and tell us you have some idea or plan or anything to at least make it stop! I don't know how true it is, but I also heard that he's been taxing the hell out of the gas companies? If you're a smoker you know how counter-intuitive that is to lowering prices because companies raise prices to offset the tax increase so they don't have to be less rich. I tell you it scares me and I'm not generally one to get panicky over politics. I'm glad I got a (relatively) fuel efficient Corolla, but if something doesn't give soon I think I'll be checking out bicycles next time I go to Walmart....

Ok, that got a little more rambly than I intended. Sorry. So.... I guess let's try to not buy any gas April 15th? If anybody has any information about some kind of plan that is in place that can put my mind at ease, please do share. And I know I have a handful of international readers, but if we could not make this a big "America Sucks" thing, I'd greatly appreciate that. I'm not afraid to delete super flamey comments. Thanks. :)


  1. I remember gas being $0.98 when i had the geo metro! And i would get $1 from everyone at the end of the week (everyone that went to lunch) and i was set!
    I got gas today for $3.83 a gallon! and that was a steal! cuz it's been $3.98!

    1. I was relieved when I saw our Chevron was still $3.75 when the other stations on that street are $3.78.... I miss gas being no big deal. $16 to fill up the van and GO. My dad just filled up the new Christianmobile and it took $65. -_-


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