Monday, March 5, 2012


I swear this will be the last one of the day. LOL Hopefully this will properly catch me up and tomorrow I can start fresh with the lesson (re)learned not to post so early in the morning. First: I got my nail wheel! Mostly... It arrived broken (minus about 2 stars for that), but I got it taped back together. So, tomorrow, KleanColor holo glitter video comparison out in the sun. Yay!

Next, here's that wonky little Nail Fetish brush:

It doesn't look that bad there, stupid camera just did not want to focus for some reason. It's kinda woven into itself. Just weird. Here's my little Ulta mini-haul:

That's High Spirits and Let's Get Lost next to I Have A Herring Problem. I think Let's Get Lost might make a better denim. *fingers crossed* If not I'm totally willing to franken it.

Have I mentioned how much of a wonderful husband I have? While we were at the mall headed toward the food court he slapped some money in my hand and told me to go talk to the "hair and nail" kiosk lady and see if she had any good plates. Aw! I'm glad I talked to her, though. Apparently this is her last month and she gave me a business card with her new location and she sells individual Konad plates. So I got my very first Konad plate! Good old m13:

Of course the only reason I wanted this one was because of the creepy little trick-or-treaters. Since two of my Kitty heads had rubbed off I got right to testing.

I'm a little confused. Konad is supposed to work so much better, but it took me three tries to get them each this clear. The girl is missing part of her dress and hair and the little boy was missing a chunk of his right side. If Konad polish is supposed to be all thick then how does it get into those thin little lines? Ah well, I'll keep trying. Still got a while until Halloween. In any case I'm sure the blood drip design will work beautifully.

In case you were curious about how I keep my plates together, here it is:

I also keep my little xbox live card scraper and my double-sided stamper in there, too. lol Anyway, after the mall we went to HEB to pick up dinner and I won a Scooby Doo hat out of the crane game:

And when I got home my mom had a little surprise for me, too. A Hello Kitty belly washer. It's a drink. Tasted like fruit punch.

There. Now I'm pretty sure I'm all caught up. Gonna eat my dinner and then test out my OPI. Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Cute plate! Love your blog, just started following, would love you to check out my blog and follow back if you like :)

    1. Thanks. Just started following yours. Looks like a lot of fun. :)


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