Saturday, March 31, 2012

Zoya: Phoebe (With Flowers)

I regret to inform you that I was unable to get a picture of Phoebe looking her absolute glowing best. I was fascinated with her as the light from my monitor teased out a shine from within and if you happen to get your hands on this polish, I recommend you put it on, sit in front of your computer with the lights off and just play around with the reflected light. Seriously cool. That said, Mr. Sunshine was very nice and decided to come out from behind the clouds so he could take a peek at Phoebe himself!

hehehehe So pretty. This is four quick drying coats. The first was super streaky and uneven, the second had a ton of drag, the third appeared to have evened everything out but I'm learning to not trust my room lighting so I went with a fourth just to be safe.

Now, I'm probably going to come off a little bit bitchy, and I seriously apologize. I was super psyched when I found out Phoebe was part of a collection, and a small one at that! She only has two sisters: Lolly & Mitzi. So of course I got to searching for swatches and.... maybe it was a bit of bad luck, but the first posts I came across for both of those look so bad!! I'm not going to point fingers, but I was unsure if these ladies had ever worn polish before it looked so bad. I was chatting with Sandy over it (to see if it was just me or if she could see it, too) and she agreed. One looked so thick and streaky she wanted me to try and get a close-up of Phoebe for comparison:

That doesn't look exactly smooth, but my nails are pretty ridgey. Yes, I did say four coats, but even these four coats are less thick than some polishes I've worn at two:

See? So I'm seriously thinking of taking the last of my pre-Beetlejuice Ulta money and ordering Lolly and Mitzi to see if they're really as bad as they look online, or if I can do better. Cuz I really think I can do better. I'm not saying I'm a master polisher or anything like that, just.... there's no way it's that bad! I just can't make myself believe that. Ok, moving on.

Last night my mom bribed me with a bottle of polish if I'd take her to Walmart to pick up yarn for some project she's working on. So I took the "not my money" opportunity to finally pick up Pure Ice: Excuse Me. A bright, shimmery yellow that I felt would accent Phoebe nicely. I wanted to stamp, but my test showed that just wasn't gonna work. So dots it is! I went a little different and attempted some simple flowers with Excuse Me and Flying Dragon.

Not perfect by any stretch, but cute.

Here's my right hand as an afterthought to demonstrate why I try to not take pictures inside anymore. LOL And because I'm sure some of you are wondering as much as I was what Phoebe looks like shiney:

There she is. I think I need to thin my clear coat.... Or maybe she's just meant to be matte! Either way I absoluely love this bright, fun color. I've also heard this collection has a problem with chipping, but so far so good on my end after 15 hours. I'll see what happens while we're out running errands. I think next I'm going to take a tiny Zoya break and see how the bar glitter looks over grey. :D Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Zoya: Gemma

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I love Zoyas brushes!! I mean, seriously, check this out:

Ah! It's the claw! Run for your lives! That's after two coats before cleanup! I did just wear an olive green the other day, but I'm still seriously excited about Gemma. The formula is nice and smooth, but I think because of the high humidity we've been having it did take quite a while to dry. Actually, after two coats and three hours I went to bed and woke up with serious sheet marks on my left hand so I had to add a third coat. I vow to stop being so lazy and just add my quick-dry topcoat from now on. lol I use Nutra Nail currently and I'm afraid to check their animal testing status because I keep losing brands! (really Pantene?) Anyway, Gemma doesn't really look like anything special indoors (at least not in my doors), but she's got a secret.

Can you see it? The purple shimmer isn't quite as in-your-face as I would have liked, but it's definitely there. Look closer:

See? Definitely there. I have no idea why my fingers are so shiney.... Adding the matte topcoat seemed to make the shimmer appear more evenly spread out, but didn't make it more apparent at first glance. If that makes sense.

So far this is the cleanest looking matte I've done, but I think I like it better shiney. What do you think? Creme with a secret; or disappointing shimmer? I think I'll be giving Phoebe a whirl next.

Tagged: Get to Know Me

Yay! I kinda missed doing these little thingies. I like the twist on this one where you get to change the questions for what you want people to answer instead of the same boring (and often horribly misspelled) list over and over. I was tagged by Abbie over at AbbieNail. So, on with the show!

The Rules:

1. Each person must post 11 things about themselves on their blog.
2. Answer the questions the tagger has set for you and write 11 questions for the people you have tagged to answer.
3. Choose 11 people and link them to your tag and let them know.
4. No tag backs.

Let's see.... 11 facts about me.....

1. I was seriously into neopets for years and I still can't stand the thought of my virtual pets dying so once a week I log in to re-check them into the neolodge so they'll get fed.
2. I learned basic html in high school and have had four personal websites. The most recent can be found here.
3. I regularly flip-flop between hating the way I look, and loving the way I look; even though the only thing that's changed is my perception of myself.
4. I applied to Cornell University because my uncle went there, got accepted and didn't realize that was a big deal until that movie (who's name escapes me) came out.
5. All through school whenever I got a good grade or was put in an advanced class I was always so paranoid that a mistake had been made and I'd be found out and put back in remedial classes.... That never happened and still I think I'm not as smart as people seem to think I am. :/
6. I would rather mow the lawn every day than have to do dishes even once a week. -_-
7. When I'm feeling content I get lazy. When I'm angry or upset I'll clean the house or jump on the stationary bike and pedal 'til I'm exhausted.
8. I would rather email or text than talk on the phone
9. If I concider you a friend I will find you as such forever. Even if we haven't talked in over 5 years. Unless you do something unforgiveable, I'll always be waiting for you.
10. Even though it's the same thing, I'd much rather be a cosmonaut than an astronaut. Sounds way cooler.
11. If I knew how I'd put a space in front of all those single digit #s so they'd line up properly with the double digit ones here at the end of the list.

Question time! These should be easier....

1. Where would you love to go on holiday (vacation)?
-----} Tokyo so I can go to the Hello Kitty theme park. :D
2. What's your favourite food?
-----} This one's hard..... at the moment I guess chili dogs. It changes. lol
3. Do you prefer the book or the film that's made from the book?
-----} The book. Almost always the book.
4. What is your favourite tv programme, if you watch tv that is!
-----} Misfits. I have to watch in on my comp and I get the episodes WAY after they air, but I'm addicted.
5. What is the one nail polish you would love to own if money was no object/ you could time travel and get it before it was sold out/discontinued?
-----} Anything from the OMG collection. Can I say the full OMG collection? lol I hate that I missed it and it's so expensive now.
6. Who is your favourite Doctor (Doctor who obviously ;))?
-----} lol We've only seen five episodes and I dunno who the guy was we saw. Sorry!
7. Do you prefer Summer or Winter?
-----} May seem odd for Texas, but definitely summer. I do not like being cold.
8. Do you have a favourite place in the world?
-----} This park in Germany with all the buffalo. My parents called it "Buffalo Park", but I don't know if that was the real name.
9. Can you do any accents, even bad British is okay ;)
-----} LOL If I hear a phrase I like done in an accent I will never be able to say it without the accent. Well, I can, but it's a struggle.
10. Do you know what a Chav is?
-----} I've heard it before (prolly on Misfits LOL), but now I can't even remember the context....
11. What is your favourite smell that isn't a perfume?
-----} New puppy. :D

Ok, now to tag some people. If you read this and want to participate, yay! If you don't that's ok, too.

1. Bethany at A Plethora of Nails (who I know has been tagged, and doesn't have to go twice if she doesn't want to lol)
2. Kristy at Blissful Beauty
3. Brandi at The Collegiate Nail (again, please correct me if that's not your name)
4. Abbie from AbbieNail (I know, it says no tagbacks, you don't have to go again, just trying to fill the list)
5. Sandy who can do it as a facebook note unless she wants to start a blog to show off her own pictures. :p
6. Barker, also on facebook lol
7. This is harder than I thought!!
9. Ok, I don't know people. lol
9. Anybody wants to tag themself, hit me up and I'll modify the list!
10. .....ok, screw it.
11. and eleven. Mozeltov!

Now to come up with some questions.....

1. Looking back, what is the most unusual thing you wanted to be when you grew up?
2. What percent chance do you think there is that the world will end December 21, 2012?
3. Have you ever made a wish on something (dandelion, fountain, etc) and had it come true?
4. How many socks do you think you've lost to the dryer monster in your lifetime?
5. If you could only pick one brand of polish to use the rest of your life (assuming all companies put out and/or took away colors at their regular intervals and accounting for discontinueds you can buy online), which company would you pick?
6. If you could dye your hair any color in the world without concideration for any other factor (staring strangers, job constraints, hair damage, etc) what color would you pick?
7. Do you have a solid bucket list? Or do you just have a vague "one day" kind of list?
8. Is there a method to your polish picking madness, or do you just grab whatever looks pretty when it comes time to paint?
9. If you could travel through time would you try to change the past, or would you peek into the future? Can only pick one!
10. What is your favorite nail art technique to personally use?
11. Do you sometimes think you spend too much time online, but are powerless to stop yourself from logging on? lol

Wow, that part was pretty hard, too. Have fun everybody! Time to clean up my edges a bit and start getting some pics of Gemme before the sun hides again!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Young and Simlish #10

Upon ingesting her concocted potion Stardust felt... fine. Not really different, but somehow.... ready. As she once again boarded the plane for Shang Simla, however, she did start wondering how she got herself stuck in the middle of all of this. She still doesn't know anything about Edith or her connection with the magical items in the basement; and somehow she doesn't think those answers are what she's going to find at the end of the Dragon Cave.

Making her way to the Dragon Cave she is again approached by the strange old woman. "I was drawn to your aura! Surely it is you who is destined to reach the center of the Dragon. You are strong, but I think perhaps not strong enough. Before continuing you must master the art of Sim Fu. Only then will you be truly successful in your quest...." Stardust was about to ask her what all that meant and what she would find, but the old woman vanished in a cloud of smoke. Right before her eyes! Why on earth would Aunt Edith have sent her here in the first place? This is quickly becoming too much.

But she didn't come all this way to fail now. May as well see this thing through properly. She spent the next several weeks training with ferocious tenacity, beyond pain. When her body could take no more she would meditate in the most remote locations around Shang Simla.

Rumors began to spread of the warrior sim training tirelessly in the mountains. Finally, finally she could learn no more. Her mind was worn, her body broken and smelling like a llama. To prove her prowess she entered the Tournament of Masters and swiftly fought her way through the ranks until she was declared by all to be a true Master of Sim Fu. She accepted her reward graciously and immediately left the tournament arena to prepare for her journey deep into the mouth of the Dragon Cave.

After all of that preparation (and the massive amount of simoleons she spent on provisions) Stardust was disappointed at how quickly she reached the sarcophagus of Don Hao in the bowels of the Dragon Cave. I suppose whoever entombed him here thought the enchanted keystone would be enough to keep his immortal spirit safe. As Stardust looked around this burial chamber wondering if this whole thing was some kind of joke at her expense....

She was suddenly attacked from behind by a mummy! The ancient (and purportedly evil) Emperor Don Hao wasn't really dead! Although he wasn't really living either. The mummy got a few good shots in before Stardust was able to turn around and deftly dispatch him with her mastered martial art. As his corpse (now certainly deceased) lay on the ground she gave it one more kick for good measure and it disintegrated into a pile of dust. Inside his now useless sarcophagus she found a rather large luminous gem (too bad Jacque Vaughn Jacque never made it this far, eh?) sitting atop a scroll which read simply "The Power Within". Stardust rolled her eyes and snatched up the gem before returning to the visitor's lodge for some much needed sleep.

The next morning Stardust awoke feeling sick.... and itchy. Her arms were breaking out in some kind of rash and ash she got up to go to the bathroom she noticed some clumps of her hair on the pillow. WHAT?! She rushed to the bathroom and one look in the mirror told her something was terribly wrong. Her hair was falling out and her eyes and cheeks had become sunken and hollow during the night. Something was definitely wrong. She wrapped up her head to hide her increasing baldness and booked the first flight home.

The celebrity doctor at the central hospital was no help at all. He was under the impression that, as a celebrity, Stardust was obviously anorexic and just needed some nutrients. He prescribed her some kind of "no calorie super vitamin" and sent her on her way. The rash was getting worse so she changed her clothes into something more "full coverage" and plopped down on the couch. She tried reading through some old medical books, but was unable to focus. Ari, who had been watching her closely since she got home, sat down next to her. She was about to tell him to leave when he said, "You do not look well, dear. May I ask, what happened in Shang Simla?"

She glared at him and mumbled, "I kicked a mummy's ass is what happened and so help me if you laugh I'll kick your ass, too."

"I would never laugh. Miss Sanderson, I fear this is quite serious. I dare say it appears you have been inflicted with the mummy's curse."

Revlon: Whimsical

I have so many links to share and so much to say about this polish. Where to start? Whimsical is (allegedly? LOL) a dupe for Deborah Lippmann's Glitter in the Air; so a lot of people are super excited about it and it's (also, allegedly LOL) hard to find. Seeing swatches I wasn't terribly thrilled, but when I explained the situation to Aaron he grabbed it for me behind my back "because if everyone else wants it, I want you to have it". Isn't that sweet? After a bit of searching around I did find Glitter in the Air and Whimsical swatched by their lonesome. I think the base may be slightly different (or that could be camera-inflicted), but it's so freakin' sheer I guess it doesn't matter too much. Recently Bethany swatched it over Piggy Polish: 6 Incredible Things and I also found it swatched over OPI's Planks a Lot a much darker blue. Most swatches are over a color similar to how the base looks in the bottle and I sort of followed suit. I had to try something a bit different, however, and see how this polish did over my favorite: a metallic finish. So I started with two coats of Lumin-Icecent and added two coats of Whimsical (and a topcoat).

Okay, okay I'll admit it. This is a cute polish. Apologies to the orginal, but Revlon nailed the name. This polish is, indeed, quite whimsical. I didn't really have to fish for glitter (like I do with Luxe and Lush), but once I got out in the sun I realized I did have a few more hex chunks right at my cuticle than I would have ideally liked. Other than that I think I may have gotten a bit lucky that the big glitter otherwise spread themselves out nicely in their own unique pattern.

Then I had to add a matte topcoat. I had to! Unfortunately the wicked cool effect didn't quite come across in the picture.

Ah well. It really does have that neat "frosted glass" look to it, and you can kind of see the sueded-metallic peaking out from underneath. So, yeah, Whimsical is super cute and I don't mind the sparse glitter as much as I thought I would. Although I still say I never would have picked it up on my own. Perhaps one day I'll swatch it over a rainbow of colors just to see how it does over yellow and green and stuff. Oh if only my nail wheel wasn't crap.... Still trying to decide on the perfect base for A Million Sparkles. Up next: Gemma! Tomorrow, obviously. Really trying to paint my nails only once a day. lol

Zoya @ Ulta & Award!

Wow, today's turning into a rather exciting (if sniffly and congested) day! Woke up early enough to put on Whimsical (post on that later) before making the latex calls and.... still no luck. So Aaron got to sleep in while my polish dried and I had time to think. The new earliest projected stock-date is Monday, but my Ulta coupon will be expired by then. Since I needed to hit up the post office anyway I figured "Well, I guess I can check out Ulta while I'm out and if nothing catches my eye I guess I can wait a little longer". So I went and mailed off my package (finally, I'm so bad!) and headed to Ulta and made a beeline straight for the clearance section with my spend limit firmly set. Which is good, because OMG they had 8 different Zoya's on clearance for $3.99 each!! I'm glad no one else was near because I had to pick my eyeballs up off the floor before picking through the stash. I grabbed one of each (hoarding them like that creature-lady on Labyrinth) just in case anyone else came through before I could decide which four I wanted. Actually it wasn't that hard because, like the Revlon-clearance-boom prior, 3 of the 8 were pinks/reds that just didn't *quite* do it for me. I forget which of the remaining five I put back, but that's probably for the best. Here is what I did decide on:

I'm starting with this one, because it's the only one that didn't want to photograph. :p This is Ali and she is a bright (quite possibly neon) PINK! You're not red, Ali, you're pink.

Marley is a lovely dusty grey-lilac? Looks purple to me, Aaron said it looks grey. lol I wish there was some sun....

GEMMA!!! Can you see the pretty purpley shimmer in there? I tried to capture it for you. You may have seen her already (I know I have, that's partly why I'm so excited), but seeing swatches and actually getting to wear something are so different.

Oh Phoebe, Phoebe, Phoebe. I almost dropped the other polishes when I saw this one. I'm fairly certain the frosty bottle means that Phoebe is matte!

They also had a box with some China Glazes for $2.99, but they were all crackle and I think I'm pretty covered on that until I can find that rackin' frackin' green glitter one!!!..... *ahem* Sorry. And just because it cracks me up every time I see it now I just have to mention that my Ulta also has three bottles of Whimsical. If there are any of these you'd like to see next, let me know! All told I got four Zoyas for $13.49 after tax and coupon.

Ok, I'm afraid I'm about to embarass myself here, so please correct me if I'm wrong. The lovely Brandi over at The Collegiate Nail has seen fit to award me with the Liebster Award!!

Thank you so much for this honor and lookit that! Different image. :D Her blog is fantastic and she is so adorable and fun. As usual there is now a permanent link to her blog connected to this award on the right. (Kind of an honor, I guess, since I don't have a blog roll?) Again I run into the problem that I don't follow that many blogs, and the ones I do either have the award already (I'd have nominated her prior, but I only recently started following) or have a bazillion other followers. So.... hrm.... I find myself stymied. (I love that word; any other Big Bang Theory fans out there? lol) Wow. I seriously got nuthin'. Sorry. I feel so bad! I think I'll blame it on being sick. :/ Take care everybody! Weekend is almost here!

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Salon Perfect: Olive & a Preview!

This is officially my most requested polish with a grand total of two people wanting to see it! Exciting. :D According to Bethany Salon Perfect is sold at Rite Aid and I put every major city in the state into their store locator and could not find even one within 100miles of any of them. *boo* Really wish I would have gotten their green glitter crackle when I saw it. Who knew Walmart would randomly stop selling it as quickly as they started? It really is a shame, too, because for a $3 polish (which I got for 75cents) the formula is amazing! I mean, I was seriously surprised. It was a little on the thin side, but went on so smoothly and if I had been a tad more diligent I could have gotten away with one medium-thick coat. Within about 4 minutes it was dry to a light touch, but still tacky to itself*. Unfortunately it's rainy and overcast again so I fiddled with the settings on my camera to try and get this as close as I could. So, without further ado, here is Olive by Salon Perfect:

That's a touch bluer than real life, and this one:

Is a tad brighter than real life, though it may look like that in full sun. Speculations! One other thing about this formula, I mentioned previously about my chronic over-stroking (*snickers*) and you really can't tell at all, huh? So smooth!! I wonder if the metalic green one will apply similarly?

Now, to the preview! Finally got the funds into my paypal account to set up my Avon order and wouldn't you just know it? Lagoon is no longer on sale! *cries* Fortunately they did have it in a "mini" version for $1.99 so I got that just so I can have it back in my collection. That was only half the reason I had to place my order. The other half is this pretty pretty precious I spotted last time I was browsing the site:

It's called Illusion (which I hear in my head as "Illooooooosion") and I'm super psyched to try it! Trust me, I don't care what I have on as soon as this is in my hands it's going on my nails. If you want to order now and don't have a relationship with an Avon representative (I'm not gonna come between you and your people, c'mon now. lol) then feel free to use the link above. If you want to wait and see how glorious or disappointing it is on my nails, I'll share that link again in that post.

So that order is taken care of, still waiting on my faraway Ulta trip (or nearby depending on how tomorrow goes), but I am officially now saving up for the Models Own Beetlejuice collection. I'm close to cashing out some internet monies that will take some pressure off. I can almost see myself going straight up Golem once that pretty pretty precious is in my hands. LOL Hope everyone is having a great week. I know I am!

*That's why I read my preview before posting. Almost forgot! Something I learned way back when I was, like, 13 about gauging the dryness of nail polish. Give it a good couple of minutes and you should be able to run your finger over it. If not, it's nowhere near dry. If you lightly touch your nails to each other they will either be tacky (not dry yet) or "clacky" (more dry). If they don't stick to each other at all, you're almost there. Once you can rub your nails against each other smoothly they're 100% dry and you can get about your business with no worry. The key is to always start with a light touch if you're unsure how far along the drying is. I'm sure everyone has their own techniques, just wanted to clarify what I meant by "tacky". ;)

Young and Simlish #09

It was good that Stardust was able to go out on the town for a while and blow off some steam. The director was so impressed with the footage she brought back from France that he offered her an actual part in his new movie! A "key supporting role" he called it. Stardust is so super excited she tells everybody she knows.

Does it matter that the "key supporting role" is as one of the villain's minions? Certainly not! Stardust is finally in a movie and she is, after all, the head minion. This means plenty of lines to remember. The other upside is that in show business Lines = Simoleons!

It may be jumping the gun a little, but things have worked out well so far so Stardust hires herself a butler. He will live with her and take care of those menial chores that tend to pop up and suck away her time. His name is Ari and he is quite friendly despite his snooty appearance. He does have one strange habit, though. When the house is clean and Stardust is at work he tends to wander around the house sitting on all of the couches. He was given clear orders not to venture into the basement and so far he's made good on that, so a little game of solo musical couches can be overlooked.

And his diligence has given Stardust enough time to finally poke through Jacque Vaughn Jacque's journal. It seems he made a habit of overspeaking his true accomplishments, even in the face of certain death. Turns out the keystone is legit, but he was never able to get it to work properly. He did, however, uncover a legend that alluded to a potion of some kind that would "harmonize the bearer of the keystone". Of course he disregarded such legends as hogwash, being an adventurer and not a daydreamer.

Stardust has no such qualms, having lived most of her life in (and for) her dreams. The Voodoo Dolls of those fairy tale sim-witches turned out to be true, why not potions as well? She spends most of her free time pouring through the Spellbook until she finally finds a page simply titled "Harmony's Potion". It gives no clues as to what it's for or what it does, but what has she got to lose? All of the ingredients are simple enough and can be found upstairs in her own kitchen. Except for the last. She needs to powder three uncut gemstones.

She spotted several outside of the movie lot as she rushed in for her last day of shooting. Best to grab those on the way out, she couldn't be late for her big death scene! Her mounting excitement over potions and legends made her nearly relieved, but still a bit sad, as the movie's hero knocked her unceremoniously from the top of a faux French cottage and into a kiddie pool that would become an acid-filled bog in post-production. As she headed out to make some magic the director told her not to go too far. He was impressed and if she looked as good on film as she did in person then he would surely have more work for her in the future.

For now, however, there is more work to be done! She gathered up the uncut gems and rushed home where she spent all night pulverizing them with a hammer until they were as fine a powder as she could manage. The next morning she gathered the rest of the ingredients from the kitchen and rushed downstairs to mix them all up in the giant cauldron left by her great Aunt Edith. She may not be a star yet, but just getting to be in a movie was enough to steel her resolve and erase any regret over "unfulfilled dreams". She took a deep breath, cleared her mind and drank.

April 15: No Gas Day

Saw this floating around facebook and figured it was worth sharing. For posterity, if nothing else, since gas here (in freakin' Texas) is $3.75/gallon at Chevron. At least.... it was yesterday. Who knows what's going on out there today?

While I don't clearly remember April of 1997 (I was a Sophmore in high school and gas was only about $1.50/gallon back then); I do remember the big "gas is gonna jump up $2/gallon tomorrow get yours today!" scare a few years back (I think that had something to do with 9/11?) and all the gas stations were crammed. It scares me how much it's gone up recently and I figure this is worth a shot. We only pump about $6 every 2-3 days so it shouldn't be too hard to not get gas on the 15th, right? I wish I could say "It couldn't hurt", but... I don't know if I really believe that either. What really scares me, if I may confess, is something I saw on the news the other night. Something like 20 different clips of Obama repeating "there is no silver bullet when it comes to gas prices" over and over like a deranged mantra. First off, who taught him that phrase? Second off, is that really supposed to make us feel better? Third, maybe you can't wave a magic wand and cut gas prices in half, but are you seriously telling me that we're just doomed to watch the prices rise every day while he's in charge? Because that's what it started sounding like. "no silver bullet; no silver bullet; no silver bullet" Well, how about you stop sounding so defeatist about it and tell us you have some idea or plan or anything to at least make it stop! I don't know how true it is, but I also heard that he's been taxing the hell out of the gas companies? If you're a smoker you know how counter-intuitive that is to lowering prices because companies raise prices to offset the tax increase so they don't have to be less rich. I tell you it scares me and I'm not generally one to get panicky over politics. I'm glad I got a (relatively) fuel efficient Corolla, but if something doesn't give soon I think I'll be checking out bicycles next time I go to Walmart....

Ok, that got a little more rambly than I intended. Sorry. So.... I guess let's try to not buy any gas April 15th? If anybody has any information about some kind of plan that is in place that can put my mind at ease, please do share. And I know I have a handful of international readers, but if we could not make this a big "America Sucks" thing, I'd greatly appreciate that. I'm not afraid to delete super flamey comments. Thanks. :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Young and Simlish #08

Who else would be on the phone, but that increasingly eccentric director?

He's already working on his next film. Think Simdiana Jones meets Jack the Ripper-sim and he wants it set in France. Of course he can't afford to fly a whole cast and crew to France, but he could possibly send Stardust there to get some video footage of some buildings and countryside. Well if that isn't super convenient. One of the perks of being a Lucky sim!

First things first, though. As intended Stardust jogged to the library to dig up whatever information is available on Jacque Vaughn Jacque. Unfortunately, there wasn't much. He was an adventurer who claimed to have unlocked the secrets of the Dragon Cave. Well, we already knew that! Apparently he was also known to have boasted besting the vast underground maze found at the Ruines de la Champs Le Sims. Whether or not this was true, it was the only lead she had; and what would be more "Simdiana Jones" than an underground maze? Sounds like two birds to me!

She was unsure why, but Stardust immediately felt uncomfortable and out of place in Champs Le Sims. This was such a drastic change from the comfortable feelings she got in Shang Simla (and in her own town of Appaloosa Plains) that she darted directly into the visitor lodge and changed into something more local to help her blend in.

This helped, but only a little. She'd just have to get the footage and find out what she could about the journal just as quickly as possible. The footage was easy. Walking to the "Ruines" afforded some spectacular shots of the countryside. The maze was another matter. It took her two days to reach the center where she found a chest containing a journal, a keystone with ancient simlish writing on it and a note:

"Apologies. I appear to have overestimated my own skills. I was certain I could best the Maze in the Ruins and saw no harm in saying I had. Unfortunately, only having just now reached the center, I'm sure I will never make it out. I really did uncover the secret of the Dragon Cave, and my hope is that one day some more fortunate adventurer will find this and finish what I have started."

Cryptic. Stardust retrieved the contents of the chest and began the two day trek back through the maze.

Back home in Appaloosa Plains it was time to relax and unwind from the unsettling craziness found in France. Stardust called up Johnny and asked him to meet her at the bar. His band had just finished rehearsal so he rushed over to meet her. She was hesitant to give up too much information, but after an hour or so of talking Johnny sensed that sitting on the barstool eating stale nachos was not quite what she needed.

So they danced! Look at those moves. They kept at it until the bar closed and then Stardust once again invited Johnny back home with her. She keeps wanting to ask him to move in with her, but it just doesn't seem to come up. A little sweaty tenderness does, however, which is enough to knock her right into dreamland.

Waiting for morning I fully expected Johnny to either fall asleep with her, take off in the night or creep back down to the basement and he surprised me by doing none of those. Instead he stayed up the whole night playing guitar at the foot of her bed until sunrise. They had a lovely breakfast of pancakes together before he went back home to shower and Stardust left to drop the footage off to the director.

China Glaze: Flying Dragon (smiles)

Wow. Did anybody else upgrade to the new look prematurely? I hated it when I demo-ed it months ago, and I still hate it. Nice to know my criticisms about it being too damn white were taken into concideration..... (oh boogersnot; guess I gotta html in my own line breaks now....)

A super huge Thank You to Bethany without whom this post would not be possible. She featured Flying Dragon on her blog a week ago and then sent me this lovely precious. LOL Ok, let me back up a bit and begin with my problems with this polish.

First, my room is so poorly lit it looked like a vampy plum all night until I was finally able to get out in the sun. It's supposed to be "neon" and I know that blue, purple and red are difficult to really get to glow the way neon should, but even in the sun I thought it could have been a tad brighter. The application was a mess. I started with one thin, patchy coat and then added a second generous coat (which dried surprisingly quickly) and it pretty much evened out. Those three little things, though, are nothing compared to how this comes alive, even if it's not what I truly expect of "neon".

Ok, so I finally got outside and into the sun and Flying Dragon isn't "avert your eyes" bright, but it is bright and the first polish I really had a problem trying to get color accurate.

I tried fiddling with every mode and filter on my camera and these two are the closest to accurate, but still a little darker and bluer than real life. What you see in the bright spots of the bottle is a bit closer, but maybe a little too bright and pink? *gggrrrr*

Yep, it's a matte. I've come to love my matte topcoat, though, so it's like skipping a step for me. But then I got to thinking; matte topcoat does cool things to shiney polish and shiney topcoat brings out all kinds of secrets in matte polish. Why not this one? Well.... there are pros and cons.

Took that with the red filter to try and un-blue it a bit. You can more clearly see the pretty fuschia and blue glitter hiding in the polish, but I think it made it less bright. Still pretty, just less neony. So it's a trade-off decision you'd have to make for yourself. Here's a close-up of the glitter:

See the blue ones? They hide. I wanted to do something bordering on artsy and I knew stamping was way out because of the color I wanted to use. You know, the most fun, eye-popping color you can match up with this kind of bright fushia. Yellow!

OMG that looks like a digital, pixelated mess! My camera did not like this color at all. Watching PlasmaSpeedo's test videos on YouTube I don't even think Konad's special yellow would be enough for that kind of thick yellow-on-purple contrast, but painting with polish is fun, too. lol You know what else is fun? Negative filter.

(Could you imagine a polish that actually glowed like that?!) That's really what Flying Dragon screamed to me above everything else. This is such a fun color! Mostly out in the sun, obviously. I would totally wear this to the beach.

The lovely Abbie has requested Salon Perfect: Olive, so that will be next. :D I'm curious to see how their regular polish works out. The only one I've tried is a crackle and it's really good, so *fingers crossed*. After that I think I'll give Whimsical a whirl (I did pick up an envelope, finally!). I've got an idea for a base that I haven't seen used yet. We'll see how that works out in a couple of days. By then I will have one of them shipped out so I don't get the bottles mixed up. ;)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Mini Walmart Haul

I am a blogging machine lately. LOL Just had to share this real quick. I know there are people who scoff at Walmart, but ya know what? They sell Pure Ice and Hard Candy. Plus my other point I'll get to in a second. I went to Walmart with Aaron because he needed some stuff for his tooth, fully intended to pick up a bubble envelope (sorry, Bethany, I swear I'll get right on that first thing tomorrow!), then I got distracted. I had to check if my hair dye was Clairol who I just found out tests on animals, then got super excited when I found out I use Revlon! *phew* One bullet dodged. Then while I was in the area I thought I'd check if Walmart had Whimsical and it does not. The whole Revlon setup in Walmart is totally different from the one in HEB and there wasn't even a slot for Whimsical. Yours may be different, though, so don't be afraid to check! While I was over there I saw that their Salon Perfect rack was on sale for 75cents!! Each... not the whole rack. So I sat trying to figure out which of the paltry few I wanted and decided on these:

Slate (which is dark grey, not purple), Olive (which is darker than it's showing up) and Silver Mint (....fairly close to accurate). I almost got Mercury purely for the name, but I already have so many silvers. So I was still technically good. I mean, c'mon! 75cents! Unpass-upable. While we were there I did remember that I promised Mario that if he was still there I'd come back for him. So I got another new shirt.

Which is the other reason I go to Walmart. Cute clearance shirts. I got, like, five of the Miley Cyrus shirts for a buck a piece and they're cute so I wear them and I don't care who's name is on the tag. I'm wearing one right now. It's got pink and grey stripes. LOL Now, I've been up far too long and must sleep! G'night all!

SH: Chrome, Crystal and Prism

I don't know how this really came about, but I do know where it started, so maybe working backward will help explain the sudden Sally Hansen overload. While going through Chloe's Nails I ran into her Prism Polish and remembered "Hey, my mom had one of those once" and sure enough there it was in my box. Not Turquoise Opal like she has, but Fire Opal. Guess what? It's super sheer. I didn't want to do a bazillion coats so I dug through and.... ok, let's start with the base.

This is two coats of Titanium Chrome, because my next polish turned out to be quite sheer, too.

Pink Crystal. I was a tad surprised and disappointed by this one. It's part of the "chrome" lineup, but it was sheer and out of five pictures this is the only one that showed any kind of pink tint. Hrm. Over that I did two coats of Fire Opal Prism.

Uhm.... where's the rainbow? I seriously expected to be including a video with this, but it didn't do anything! And I shook the crap out of it the night before. I know there's got to be something special in there because my mom loved it.

See? Half gone. I guess next time I'll try it over black and see if that does anything. Rather than pulling it all off and starting fresh (with road trip potential on the horizon) I dressed it up with some Avon: Mink dots.

I was only going to do my ring finger, but then it looked so cool I did 'em all. I like that the dots on my left hand are all (more or less) the same size, but I like the "swoop" I got on my right hand better.

And it looks like we're not going to Houston. Not today, at least. He hasn't decided yet if he just wants to order it online or wait and try again Thursday when it's "supposed to be in". Ah well, I kinda figured when I got myself all pretty this morning we wouldn't be going anywhere. Maybe my Yoshi shirt is unlucky? :(