Monday, February 13, 2012

Texas February Snow (plus)

Yep, gonna refrain from talking about "you-know-what" until tomorrow afternoon at the earliest. Cuz I've got a lot to talk about on that. Thought I'd give you a break and talk about yesterdays meteorological wonder. Up until just a couple of days ago we were having a very nice 70-80 degree winter. Then it started cooling off and raining here and there, but that's ok. Until yesterday. When out of nowhere we got this:


Yes, I'm sure I'll get crap about it not really being "snow", but yes; it was snow. It wasn't a lot, granted, and it didn't really stick. It was there, though.

It touched my car....

It was coming down pretty hard by the time we got home (yes, I'm aware "hard" in this case is relative) so I took Jet out so she could play around in the snow. She doesn't like rain and doesn't like getting wet, but snow is different. She loves snow. Got covered in it. I have a longer video on my other camera (really need to dig around and find that cord), but here's a quick 12second clip I took on my phone.

While we were out at Mickey's (in the snow) Aaron picked up a new lighter. Even though he doesn't really like the electric ones, he kinda gave in to my gentle (yes, really) prodding and got this one:

Like ohmigawd

So what's so special about this one?


It has a flashlight. LOL It's not really bright or practical, but still pretty awesome. Hope that everyone (whether you recognize it as a holiday or celebrate it at all) has a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow! Take care and spread the love!!

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