Saturday, February 11, 2012

Polish Evolution

Before I get to my nails I have to mention something funny, first. I mentioned the other day that opinionoutpost was giving me a hard time with paying surveys and right after posting that I got two surveys I was able to complete. They gave me enough to pay out $10.50 to my paypal which I used on eBay to order some KleanColor polish with holographic glitters. It's not the smooth holo that I want, but I'm not going to pay $10+ for an old bottle from the China Glaze OMG collection..... I'm not. Seriously, I could have, but I decided I'd rather have 4 colors to choose from instead of just the one.

So while I was sitting here going through the Oooh, Shinies! blog I came across a post on splatter polish. Since the Valentinesey (?) polish pack that Aaron got for me didn't work well in the water, I thought this would be a fun way to get them all together. I was right!

It was a lot of fun, once I got the hang of it. I started splattering my right hand (with little coffee stirrers I picked up from Mickeys) and ended up with some blobs, but as you can see below, my left hand turned out better....

except for one giant, glaring problem I wasn't able to catch on camera. My top coat had gotten quite thick and gloppy and it did really bad things to the polish. :( It was just unacceptable. No, more than that, it was downright disgusting and I couldn't bear to have it on my hand. (I have a very strong aversion to clusters of things) So after getting those pictures I removed the polish and Aaron and I set out for Walmart where I picked up:

Risk Taker by Pure Ice. A very nice grown-up looking taupey color. I like it a lot and I think combined with Ulta's Chocolate Kiss I may be able to pull off the wood-look that she did over on Oooh, Shinies!. Anyway, after a day I decided to see how it looked matte:

So pretty, almost like suede. Not very Valentinesey (yeah, I'm sticking with that spelling, so there), though. I wondered how stamping would work on a matte finish and here is the result:

Looks nice. :) I only did my left ring finger; didn't want to go overboard. It was a little difficult, though. I don't know if the Pure Ice I used was drying too quickly, or if it just had to be really wet to work on the matte, but the last end to go down didn't quite stick fully. The good news (in this case, at least) was that I could just rub off the stamp with a dry washcloth so that was the result after 4 not-so-successful attempts. Anyway, after that I wanted to make my basecoat last just one more day so I topped it all off with a coat of my China Glaze crackle Oxidized Aqua:

I wish it would have cracked a bit more, but after my palette tests I was afraid the blue would be too sheer, so I was probably a bit more heavy handed than I should have been. I like brown and blue together.... oh well, next time I'll try this crackle on top of another blue and see how that comes out. Tomorrow, though, I have something super exciting planned! Yes.... for my nails.... *ahem* Aaron suggested I try out some of my China Glazes in the water since the whole reason I spent that much was to try and get the water marble to work, and guess what?!

Yay!!! The purple is actually Savvy brand, but it still worked, so maybe the blue will too. I hope so. Either way, I'm going to do one more test replacing that silver with a Sinful Colors orange I have and see if that works (I so hope it does) and even if not I'm going to be water marbeling tomorrow. Just have to make sure I'm all ready and prepared and calm and take my time and I'm just so excited to have polishes play nicely together. After seeing how big a dent the marbeling puts in my Cha Cha Cha I'll decide how imperitive it is to get a back-up bottle.

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