Thursday, February 9, 2012

ORANGE you glad.....

.....I didn't say BANANA?! HA! *ahem* Sorry, that was stuck in my head, and you'll soon see why. Be prepared: lots of girly rambling is about to occur. First, though, I have a little something off-topic to share:

Happy Birthday Kitty

The balloon Aaron got me for my birthday back in November is still floating! I expected I'd have it deflated and pinned to the wall back in December. I don't think she's got too much longer, but it's kind of funny.

Ok, second girly thing. I did manage to pull off that special manicure I alluded to a couple of times. I was really happy with the way it turned out even though I ended up needing way more coats than I thought I would. First I started out with this wretched 80s hooker pink I ended up with years ago, then I alternated with the Ulta brown and some french tip white.

The start of the strawberries

Then I used this skinny brushed nail art polish that my mom gave me to make strawberry "flavored" squiggle lines. My original intent was to alternate the white and dark chocolate squiggles, but.... I really didn't feel like dipping this brush into polish remover and possibly screwing up the polish it goes into.


While I still had this polish on, Aaron and I went to the mall. Hot Topics had polish on sale and I picked up a glow-in-the-dark blue and a matte-finish top coat. I had seen Colette use it several times and was excited to find one for cheap. I really like what it did to this design.


While we were at the mall Aaron was in a spoil-me kind of mood. We went into Spencer's and picked up some Manic Panic so I could even out my hair. And.... well.... this is where things got a little.... scary. When I was looking at Manic Panic online (to see if I could get a deal) I saw a color that looked cool. Electric Lava. It looked red in the picture, sounded like a red color. Turns out Electric Lava has some kind of multiple personality disorder. I present Exhibit A:

What I Saw

What I Got

WTF?! I didn't even realize it was orange until I already had a giant glop on my head. The front of my head! Oh dear.... Well, too late to turn back. I finished off my head and hoped for the best. I was intent on staying up all night (so I would be up to take my mom to the doctor in the morning) and I figured that was as good a way as any to go about it. I let this orange monstrosity sit in my hair for five hours and nearly cried when I started rinsing it out. Just to underscore my horror I plugged the drain so I could show you.

Orange Soup

I was hoping, hoping, hoping that not bleaching my hair would save it from.... manic orangeness. Thankfully, it did!! On top of the box red I've been using, this is what Electric Orange turned into:

The Front

The Back

*phew* That was a close one. I'm sure it'll probably turn more orangey as the time goes on, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Manic Panic-ed (and flatironed) hair does not get washed as often as my regular poofy, blah hair so, yeah, it'll be a while, I think.

What number was I on? Oh yeah, fourth girly thing. Did I mention I went to Sally's? I didn't super-spend, but then they didn't have too much on clearance. I did pick up this pretty silver. China Glaze - Icicle.


I'm not super impressed, and I think I have a color that looks just like it. Hopefully being China Glaze it'll play nice for water marble. Anyway, after catching up on Colette's blog (My Simple Little Pleasures, did I ever mention that?) I started going through the archive on Oooh, Shinies!. I'm not sure what her name is (yet?), but she is a master at the full-nail stamping!! So it inspired me to give it a try for Valentine's day, since my strawberries are gone.

Says: LOVE U

Yes, it's supposed to be a delicate lattice background with LOVE U in scattered lettering, but it really didn't read well on the nail. And I can't exactly say that my stamping skillz are improving. Practice, practice, practice. I matte-ified it, but it still bothered me, partly because the red wasn't fully dry and smeared some as well. I tried my holo top coat on one nail and that just made it worse.


Number Five is also a little off topic-ish. My mom's been going to this little Vietnamese cafe over by Big Lots and today she got a drink. Wanna see how they do their cups?


Apparently they have some kind of machine that does it. So awesome.

Ok, last thing! Pat yourself on the back, you've almost made it through. Remember how after the water marble my nails were all stained green? Well, since I've been using these expensive (and unlikely to be replaced) nail polishes, I've also been using this "sticky" basecoat I had picked up from HEB eons ago on clearance. It was so cheap and at the time I was a little put off, because it was.... sticky. Seriously thick and didn't spread well and I just never used it. I finally decided "why not?" and gave it another go. I guess time was kind to this bottle and I'm really liking using it. It's smoother and dries quickly so I can get on with the painting and it's doing a bang-up job protecting my nails! Not only is the green starting to disappear, you can see (if you look really closely) the line where I'm getting fresh non-yellow nail growth!! :D



I didn't even notice that fresh line until I was editing the pictures. Fantastic. Unfortunately, even though it was only a quarter at the time.... I did only get that one bottle. I may have to poke around the internets..... As a last little (non-girly so it doesn't count) note, I've been kicking ass in Saints Row The Third. hehehe Since I've been playing it and getting the hang of the controls I'm doing at least as well as I did playing GTA. The motorcycles are still a bit hard to control, and there are a few "activities" {~that's what they're called, not being perverse} I'm having problems completing, but I'm really enjoying it.

Update: I found that base coat on amazon and it's almost $8 a bottle. :( Why didn't I grab a whole handful when they were a quarter?!

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