Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Little Purple Sluts (and King book)

Hrm. Seems like not that long ago the nail polish would have been in parenthesis and Stephen King would have gotten top billing. O_o What's happening to me?! I did finally finish 11/22/63 and I really enjoyed it. It wasn't a typical Stephen King thriller though it was pretty thrilling and, as always, the ending did not disappoint! If you like King only for the blood and scariness, you could probably skip this one. If, however, you like him for his intricate storytelling and compelling characters: pick it up! It's a fascinating look at time travel, cause and effect and *gasp!* the power of love? Yes, love. This book had a happy ending! One which made complete sense in the context of the story and that, for me, is of the utmost importance. It can get a little wordy and leave you wondering (only for a bit) when something is going to happen, but I enjoyed it a great deal. Now I am out of books and may have to see if anything looks interesting on amazon. Huh? Why amazon? Because it's cheap and going into Barnes & Noble with just a little money hurts more than going into Ulta with just a little money; that's why. ;)

"My Little Purple Sluts" is what I named this manicure. It's not a new idea by any stretch, a lot of people have done it and described it as "risque". Well... I added a little something that I thought tipped it from simply "risque" to downright stripperish. (yes, I know not all strippers are sluts, but that was what popped into my head when I was finished and I'm sticking by it). So, what do Little Purple Sluts look like?

These nails were screaming at me to use the glitter I picked up at Hot Topics (Warpaints Beauty: White Noise) and that's what tipped the slutty scale. It's a bit over the top, but I really ended up liking it. Made me laugh whenever I looked at them.

I'm not going to do a "how-to" precisely. It's a straightforward design and nearly every stamping plate set includes the fishnet. I have this set of plates (which I think is nearly a total Konad knock-off), but Konad and Bundle Monster and I believe Red Angel also have this design. Also, any combination of colors could work here. This is merely a documentation of my journey with the design. I'm getting ahead of myself again....

I started with yesterday's GA/WITP/LMG experiment still on my nails. Still trying to practice my full nail stamping I thought the fishnet/french would be relatively forgiving since it's okay if I didn't reach the tips. Which I didn't. Not on every nail anyway.

If you're curious (which I'm sure you are) I used Sally Hansen Titanium Chrome. Yes, Sally tests on animals. We did not know that 15 years (or so) ago when these polishes came out and since I have almost 20 of them (and they're technically my moms LOL) I'm not going to just throw them away. For me it's simply a matter of not buying Sally Hansen anymore until I can find some kind of confirmation that they don't animal test anymore. *ahem*

After getting the fishnet down I used the same Titanium Chrome to do the tips. Just a quick freehand swoop across and you can't even tell I didn't get the full design transferred.

I didn't quite reach the side on all nails, but I did on some! That's a huge step for me since usually the skin on the sides of my nails gets in the way.

My sad attempt at double-stamping makes it look like this little slut got a rip in her fishnet. That thought made me laugh even harder.

I did have one weird thing happen. I'm not sure if it's the age of the polish, it's consistency, how long it was sitting on the stamper or what. I had this happen before, but I was stamping over a matte topcoat and assumed that was the problem. Some of the edges didn't quite adhere fully. Has anybody else had this happen?

It wasn't a terribly big deal since it was only a little bit on the edge. Any topcoat would just smooth them down. Would, and did. And as I mentioned the girls wanted glitter; so they got glitter! I actually got it to show up this time.

Sidenote: Warpaints Beauty is no longer "buy one get one free". Yesterday it was $1.99 a bottle which is actually 2cents cheaper (if you're getting two) than the BOGO. I got the White Noise and I picked up that pink glow-in-the-dark. I really should have gotten a back-up bottle of the matte topcoat since I keep using it, but there's always next week. ;) Hope you enjoyed this post and didn't mind my ramblings too much. I get a little excited when I think people might actually read it.


  1. lmao i LOLed about the rip in the fishnets! and i REALLY want a stamper kit! *sigh* being broke sucks...i guess no more polish until i get a stamper kit!

    1. Yeah, it's fairly cheap to get started. Then once you outgrow your starter plates you start clicking on links all day for free money to order more. XD Welcome to the madness that broke-itis breeds.


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