Thursday, February 2, 2012

My First Ulta Trip

LOL I didn't even bother naming these pictures because I have no intention of saving them on my computer. *ahem* Anyway, as you may have realized by now: I am a big, fat liar. I have excuses, though! Ok, see, first I was over at Colette's Blog and watching one of her "haul" videos. She's mentioned Ulta before, but I kinda gathered it was pretty expensive. While she was talking, though, she mentioned the website usually has coupons and they (supposedly) have a killer clearance section and she showed off a bottle of polish she got for 49 cents! Can you see how big my eyes got? So I immediately stopped the video and checked out the website and they happened to have this coupon for $3.50 off of any $10 purchase; including sale and clearance items. (good until Feb. 11) That is a good deal! Especially if they have clearance, you could do quite well, right? So this morning I came in possession of some surprise (non-internet) money after telling my mom about this and helping her out some and Aaron was asleep so after helping I made a little trip and came home with this:

Jumbo Bag

Apparently they ran out of small bags. Before you go running off, I should warn you. Ulta is as posh as you might expect. Posher, even. Their regular prices will scare you. It took me a while to find their clearance section, but I finally did and it wasn't super, but I did manage six bottles for $11 after my coupon. Not too bad, and I did get a China Glaze (GREEN!!!) so yay me! Now I'll share the individual pictures and I'll caption them with the regular and sale prices to give you an idea.

Reg: $9.99 ~ Sale: $4.99

Reg:$7.00 ~ Sale:$3.99

Reg:$5.00 ~ Sale:$2.00

Reg:$5.00 ~ Sale:$2.00

Reg:$5.00 ~ Sale:$1.01

Yeah... That last one threw me off, too. I almost didn't get it, but for a dollar I couldn't seem to help myself. I'm hoping when I get my inboxdollars check that Sally has slightly better China Glaze prices. And something pretty to marble with the green. Ulta is supposed to work, too, so maybe I'll try the green and silver. Soon as I feel like it.

I am a little upset about two things. First is that they did have some of those Sally Hansen nail strips on sale. But they were ugly. The Halloween ghost ones and some neons. They did have the green-with-barbed-wire ones, but they didn't have a sticker. *boo* I wasn't going to chance paying full price. Even if it was a dollar cheaper than walmart. Second is this:


I really liked this and was hoping to keep it for a couple of days. *cries* Also, I'm running low on polish remover and cotton balls.... and q-tips. I'm awful! I think I'm going to give this China Glaze a whirl and then see if that chocolately brown Ulta polish is any good for stamping. If not, who cares? I has pretty green fancy polish. I just hope it doesn't take too many coats.


  1. omg i saw some nail polish on clearance at walmart today...the CLEARANCE price was $7.95! wtf! Makes me wonder what the real price was...didnt see it they were pretty colors but still!

    1. I know, right? They had some at Ulta that were $13 a freakin' bottle! O.o It is insane what some people will pay when Wet & Wild does the same thing for under a buck. lol


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