Monday, February 20, 2012

Mud Truck

So I'm a little behind on the bit of "news" about how badly it rained over the weekend. I mean, it was bad. My mom went to Jack In The Box and the drivethru was a river. It was nice and relaxing to listen to at night, and thankfully I slept through most of the morning flood/mud stage so I didn't get stuck trying to navigate out of our dirt/mud driveway. *phew* Unfortunately a trucker home for the weekend wasn't near as lucky as I.

Given the angle I can only assume the driver lost control in the muck. Either that or he was attempting to park facing south and overestimated the ground's integrity.

Whatever the case, this truck is not going to be easy to dislodge. The severe angle makes me wonder what, if anything, they'll be able to do to get the trailer out of the way.

I suppose we'll find out tomorrow what happened. As we passed by today the lights were on. There's a bit of damage on the side (you can see in the first picture), but hopefully it's not impossible to pull out without more damage. My dad's a trucker and I know how much of a PitA those things are and how much it sucks when you need to be driving and can't. Here's hoping this guy can get back on the road asap.

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