Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Inspired Again

Sometimes (oftentimes?) things don't work out as planned. Yes, I was going to use that purple polish. Then I saw something... I'm not even sure what anymore, but it re-ignited my desire to try the argyle design (which I believe I called "cardigan" last time I mentioned it). Whatever it was that I saw gave me the idea to do pink on blue. I did a ton of tests and found the perfect color combination. Had all of my polishes all lined up and even took this picture with the thought in mind that I would do another step-by-step blog:

All ready to go

Then... well... suddenly I just didn't want to. Did I really want to go through the hassle of another full-nail design? Not really. So I was going through gamehouse and Colette's blog and came across this post and tutorial. I thought to myself "I could use that for Virus instead of what I was going to do." The techniques are the same, but I was going to do it a little differently and I thought this would look better. So, who's Virus?


That's Virus. He's actually the villain that turned Shatter into... well, Shatter. Stabbed him with that big needle thing and pitched him through a stained glass window. My original idea was going to include a streak of yellow for Virus' hair, but I skipped that and just concentrated on that big needle arm. So I put away the blue and pink and pulled out some black and red and went to work. I started painting my right hand to give my left a fighting chance. It didn't turn out as "marbley" as I would have liked (I think I made the dots too big), but Aaron really likes it. First, the pictures.

Right Hand: Ok, but not so good

Left Hand: A bit better

So there you can see clearly how the design turned out. It kinda looks like the polish was meant to look that way which is a little disappointing, but I know what I did. I wanted to use my macro-cam to take a video so you could see it from different angles.... and the battery just couldn't take it. It'll still take pictures for a while longer, but no video. So I ran in and grabbed my Vado HD cam (thanks, Dave!) and as you'll notice it doesn't have auto focus. So... maybe you can use the above images and fill in the blanks. I wanted to add music, but photobucket wouldn't upload it because of "copyrighted material" so no music, either. Sorry.

Anyway, I do like them. Aaron likes them which is more important in this case. And it's a technique I'll be revisiting in the future. I know it's only been a week, but I'm jonesing for those plates. (Jonesing more for summer so I can get that one I really want) Aaron's been playing the hell out of Final Fantasty XIII. I was playing Saints Row the Third, but haven't had a chance recently. Haven't really worked on Hello Kitty: Seasons either. Partially because my dad's been home all week. Stupid Schneider....

I'm a little upset with opinion outpost. Since they changed the site not only am I having a hard time finishing surveys, but even ones I don't qualify for are hit-and-miss if I'll get to try for the "consolation prize". Which wouldn't bother me so much (possibly) if the amazon gift card option was currently active. I was going to get a Konad(brand) plate last night (one of the few Konad(brand) ones that I actually want) and I couldn't get my monies! *boo* I did get the confirmation that my inboxdollars check was processed so in a week or two I'll be heading to Sally's for Manic Panic and China Glaze. Fancy me. I've crested the halfway mark on cashcrate and as soon as I finish that off (they were giving me a lot more videos over Christmas, been slow lately) I can do my big "How I Spoil Myself Make Money Online" post.

I guess that's it. Gotta get to bed way early tonight so I'm gonna start winding down. Hope everyone's having a great week.

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