Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hair Project 2012

Makes it sound all official and stuff, huh? Yes, this is that "big thing" I referred to a couple of times. On one hand it's actually kind of interesting; on the other... I did exactly what I thought I was going to do and forgot to get the pictures on a couple of days. That's okay, though, because there was no way I was going to set 365 days worth of morph points. Confused yet? Let me try and work a bit more sequentially, then. Remember this?

Thank you

My very sexy, if very fake, virtual hair makeover? Well, I really do like it. So, of course, the first step is growing my hair out. In my YouTube hair-care browsings I found the general consensus (hey, lookit that, spelled it right the first time) to be that hair grows (on average) half an inch to an inch each month. About that time I remembered this guy I saw who took a picture of himself every day for a year and made a huge slideshow. Well, I knew that even if I remembered to take a picture every day (which I already admitted that I did not) there was no way I was going to get the same angle and distance every day. So to counteract my own spazzishness (totally a word) I'd use my image morhping program to track my hair growth. I still don't know how to get it to loop, but here's my first month's progress:

Yes, I'm aware my glasses are crooked. They're 10 years old. Unstraightened.... about 3/4 of an inch growth. I'm trying not to straighten it as much since that damages the ends. I've almost got the color nailed so Yay! on that front. I do have pictures for 32 out of.... 39 days? I think. I started January 11th. Anyway, just for kicks I picked out the two I thought were the best and worst of the month. First, the best:

Cute, if a bit dull

Not too bad. The worst... I'll warn you now: It's bad! Feel free to look away now.

WTF? Did I just wake up?!

Uhm... yeah. That's what my hair looks like right after it's air-dried. Not cute. Thanks to my mom it's always been like that. I need to give it a day or two, or use smoothing milk/cream or brush the crap out of it to get it to relax. There you have it. My big project. Now to kill four more hours until the bank opens.

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