Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Gray's Anatomy vs Where Is The Party? vs Let Me Go

My nail wheel finally shipped, but I decided I just couldn't wait to see how close (or not) these colors actually are. I was a little surprised by the end. Here are the three polishes:

Let Me Go ~ Gray's Anatomy ~ Where Is The Party?

I didn't want to use my thumb in this comparison, but if there was going to be a huge difference, I wanted it to make sense on my nails. So I started with Gray's Anatomy on my pinky, middle and index fingers:

Gray's Anatomy

Added Where Is The Party? to my ring finger:

Where Is The Party?

And Let Me Go to my thumb....

Let Me Go

.....uhm..... Where did that gold come from? LMG has almost like a frosty finish so maybe that's how my camera saw it? I really don't know. I never saw that in real life.

I have a couple of things to say about these so I guess I'll just go one at a time.

Gray's Anatomy: After rushing out to grab this I thought I remembered reading about it on Colette's blog. I did. I can't say I share her experience fully. This one took me five coats to get opaque and the result, to me, was "ok". It's certainly pretty, but comes off as muted when compared to WITP. Sandy layered it over other polishes she picked up, but I think this is one coat of GA over the other colors and you can hardly tell a difference:

Over yellow, silver, white and black

Still, if I use this again it will definitely be layered over something.

Where Is The Party?: By far my favorite. Opaque in two coats and very vibrant. It doesn't have that "gray" that the other two do, but I can live with that. This will be my go-to "I wanna wear purple/green duochrome today" polish.

Let Me Go: This turned out frostier than the other two. I used four coats and it looked opaque in real life, though not so much in pictures. (I ended up putting WITP over it after taking those pics) It feels like the demure little sister of the other two. More lilac and gray and not so much green, though I swear I saw some by the light of my computer monitor. This one I would try again in a water marble to see if it brings anything interesting to the party.

Here are the outside pictures I took. Keep scrolling for the "headdesk" moment I had taking off yesterdays glitter. ;)

They look pretty similar at this angle

Can almost see the green there

There goes that gold-on-the-thumb again

Not a totally unfortunate spread

Did I know that picking up non-acetone remover was going to be a problem when I did it? No, I did not. Did I think it would be less stinky (and less husband-offending) when I did. Yes, for some reason I did. Did I think I could get 5 layers of glitter plus topcoat plus a sticky basecoat off in one 20 minute cotton ball soak? Yeah, I kinda did. I was wrong. Thankfully the second 15 minute soak did the trick. Here's the result at the (appx) halfway mark.


Yes, feel free to laugh. At least I got it all off. I think tonight I'll see what silver stamping looks like over GA and WITP?. I'm thinking of trying my hand at the fishnet design. Just to see how bad it comes out. Hope this comparison helps somebody in some way. Thanks for reading!


  1. that picture looks really bad! It doesn't show the effects right. I didn't have good lighting when i took the picture. Need to really start taking pics not at my desk...and near a window or outside! The GA over white actually looked like a sorta dingy gray..i didn't see what it looked like in the sun. But I do know it was a slightly different color depending on what the base color was. I really like the GA over my Pure Ice Electric! (black sparkly). I so need to get a nail wheel too! And some more nail polish remover. i want to get one with acetone and without. the one i have now has no acetone and some polish (like glitter) takes forever to get off. But it doesn't tare up my nails as bad either. So i'll get both! :)

    I am a little disapointed in the Gray's Anatomy too. It looked totally differnt in the pic online and on Collette's Blog. But like u said it's not bad.

    1. It really did look different on the website pic! More rainbow-ey. It wasn't until I had time to mull over the name that I realized I had seen it before. >.< And, yeah, you totally need better pictures so I have more to share. LOL


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