Saturday, February 25, 2012

Glow Crackle Revisited

This particular combination is becoming an excersize in frustration. I think it's just something you have to try yourself to see how it really looks, but I went all out and gave it my best shot. Unfortunately there's not much more I can do to try and show you, but here's what I got anyway.

First, though, to more clearly answer Abbienail's question; this is the pink I used for my pacman ghost:

Like most scented polishes it's pretty gloopy. Second, can somebody please explain to me why I thought this was fuschia?

That's the color block on the avon site for Fusion. Even after looking at the bottle I still kept picturing fuschia in my head. So I was pretty pleasantly surprised when the actually color was more toned down and "neutral" than I had pictured in my head.

Kind of a dusty rose color with some shimmeries. Very pretty, but a lot more adult-looking than I was in the mood for. So I grabbed my Warpaints Beauty Glow Pink and added two coats. It didn't really change the color, but it added more sparkly glitter (and a secret glow-in-the-dark).

After a day of wearing it like that I decided to retry capturing the glow under crackle. I didn't want to use the black again and I didn't want anything too clashy, so I did a test:

And decided on Ulta's silver Quake topcoat.

Then things got a little sketchy. I dug the blacklight out from under the bed, cleaned off the bulb and locked myself in the bathroom for about an hour with 2 cameras and 1 video camera trying my absolute very hardest to get the stupid glow to show up in a stupid picture! I ended up sort of catching it on the video, but then when I popped the video into two different editing programs neither wanted to show it! Rather than trusting what I couldn't see I just screenied the videos. It really was a lot brighter in real life. The first is without the crackle.

And then with the crackle.

Maybe I should have used the black.... It's kind of like one of those secret images where you have to look past it to see it. I dunno. Once I get my nail wheel in I'll experiment a bit more. That way I'm not stuck wearing black crackle all day if I really don't wanna. Since I prefer to end on a high note, here's two of Fusion from my camera's phone. The first by itself:

And the second topped with Glow Pink:

Hope you enjoyed.


  1. Ahh thanks! It's so cute :) I'm not really a pink person but they are all nice sparkly pinks

    1. Thanks. I didn't used to like pink as much until I saw it paired with green and then it became another favorite. Still on the lookout for the perfect pink, though.


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