Monday, February 27, 2012

Fishy Stamped Toes

Wow! Almost 10 whole followers. How bizarre. Welcome everybody, and good morning. I actually did my toes before my fingers yesterday, but I thought adding this to that would be a bit much. Sorry if you have an aversion to feet. I do not. Since I have a few stamping designs that are either too big for my fingers, or simply can't see myself really using them, I decided it would be a shame to let the plates just sit there. So between my fingers and toes yesterday I used four of my untried plates and only have four more to go! (until I order another set, of course) After painting my toenails with Wet n Wild: Blue Moon I thought this ocean-themed plate would work nicely.

I might use this some day if I'm making a special aquarium trip or something, but even so some of the images are really big. So big toes it is! I used the shark on my left:

and the kissing gouramis on my right:

Yes, that toe looks darker because I kinda borked the first stamp and had to add a second coat of the blue. In case anyone is curious, I really don't see myself trying to stamp all my little piggy toes. I'd have to be insanely bored to put myself through that. Not outside the realm of possiblity, but not very likely either.

We finally got printer ink!! O_o Well, of course this is exciting because Ulta has a $3.50 off $10 coupon again! So I printed out three of those (it's good 'til March 10) before the ink vanishes into thin air again. I'm going to try (hard) to get out there today. While there I'm going to get a rewards card. After the first trip I wasn't sure I'd ever go back (it's still a bit intimidating, but I'm getting more used to it, I think), but I keep ending up there and... it feels like time. Hope everyone has a great day!


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