Friday, February 24, 2012

February's Random Phone Pics!

Well, since getting my snazzy new camera I really didn't have any random pictures taking up space in my phone. This month it was mostly pics I had taken to send to people (Sandy lol) and just didn't delete. A couple are more random, though. And one.... is really creepy. So stay tuned for that.

First up, I finally ended up capturing the green in Gray's Anatomy and Where Is The Party?. Wanna see?

So purdy. I have to get a backup bottle of WITP. That day, though, was my Hot Topics trip and I snapped a picture of the bottles I picked up. Warpaints Beauty Glow Pink and White Noise.

Let's see... oh yes, here's a picture I intended to add to yesterday's post, but I didn't want to screw up my polish while wrenching open my phone to get at the memory card. One day I'll get a cord for it.

On our daily trip to HEB I was lucky enough to catch this awesome angle of the firetruck with the wind blowing the flag perfectly. Only caught a glimpse of the firefighters this time, but the truck is still exciting.

These next two are kind of interesting in a different way. I took my mom to her diabetes appointment on Thursday morning and while she was checking out I had a seat right next to a huge display of doctor business cards. Two of them caught my eye. This first doctor's last name is "Laffer". If you've ever played the Leisure Suit Larry games, then you'll know why it's funny. If not... sorry.

This next one was more of a WTF kind of shock. This doctor's first name is "Swastika". Yes, really. I wonder if that's a common name where s/he's from?

Almost done! This is my current polish. Well, how my current polish started. I took this to show Sandy (because I kept confusing myself on the color) and if she shows up she may notice I cropped out my fat wrist. lol Really ended up with a weird angle. Anyway, if you made it this far, congratulations! Preview of what's in store tomorrow.

Did I say I had something disturbing lurking in my phone? I believe I did. Well, here it comes. I don't know if it happens to you, but from time to time the camera on my phone totally borks the picture. One of the reasons I like having a seperate camera. Usually it's just a bit of digital annoyance that screws up the color or, ya know, seperates the image. Sometimes the picture is still useable. Sometimes not so much. Anyway, the other day I was taking a normal picture of myself for my hair project and I swear the image looked fine on the screen. Then, when I pulled it off the memory card I saw this!

Holy OMG WTF is that?! Looks like I haz demon face. I kinda wish the glitch would've extended to the top of my head, but still! I even named that one "DisturbingGlitch.jpg". Aaron says "Don't delete that one!" lol So there you have it. The images that accumulated in my phone during the month of February. Hope you enjoyed seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.


  1. lol your wrist did not look fat! and that picture is totally creepy! lol i saw it and said "woah" outloud! a demon/ghost face! creepy but cool! lol


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