Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Failed "Overalls" Mani

I don't even feel like posting this. Almost didn't, but I've found blogging to be kind of cathartic. Why else would I still be doing it after almost six years? LOL Aaron's finally feeling better. After being up for 32 hours and in pain for almost 18 of them his tooth is finally feeling better. If I had a microphone going you could hear how much better. Hasn't shut up since he woke up a couple hours ago. Definite improvement over the misery groans.

So, I had this idea. I still think it's a solid idea, I just should have gone with my gut and done something different after I realized how dark my blue was. I wanted something like this. Either of those. I don't think we ever got the "Denim Wanted" collection here, though. :( Here's what I had:

That's two coats of "hard to resist" and I was so proud of myself when I stayed under 5 strokes per coat/nail. Was. My victory was kind of short lived. I have this sort of paint splatter design on one of my plates that I've been eyeing since I got them. I wanted to do paint-spattered overalls. You know, like that girl in Not Another Teen Movie? So I started with white "paint" and so far so good....

Then I did some yellow, which looked more grey, but that was fine. It still looked like splattered paint... more or less. My purple wasn't nearly opaque enough, then I tried the Runts Grape and it would have looked good (I think), but it kept smearing on the stamper. I finally busted out the Wet & Wild Wild Card that I kept putting off and and strange as it kept looking on the plate:

It at least didn't look grey over the dark blue:

It was my intention from the beginning to finish this off matte, but it still didn't make them look like old paint-covered overalls....

To top off my massive fail-fest, the little circle design I picked out for the buttons didn't want to transfer. :( Oh, no, to top top it: I went over everything with another coat of 'hard to resist' and dug out the KleanColor bluebell holo glitter.... It really is the most holo-ey out of the ones I got.... I didn't get pictures because there wasn't any sun (and I'm still going to do the video swatches of those)..... and after Aaron finally fell asleep I passed out for a couple hours. Jelly base over 5 layers of polish, even dry polish, needs a topcoat. :( So here I sit, feelings seriously hurt, nails naked. I don't want to start polishing since we're leaving shortly to pick up food (kinda missed out on eating between the teeth and the passing out) and I just know that I'll end up doing something bad and possibly crying.

I do have a very pretty (in the store, at least), very special (looking.... to me) polish that I've kept secret. It's not a holo or magnetic (I really haven't even been a little tempted to grab one at the price they're selling 'em for) or color change or anything really "special"; but I saw it and audibly gasped in the store. It's my most expensive so far, but I don't even care about that too much. If I had found this color at Dollar Tree it would still be as pretty. I just really want to wait for sun. Which we're supposed to get this weekend. *fingers crossed*

At the moment my brain is so frazzled and my emotions are shot so I'm just waiting on a chat buddy to make a color choice for me. I think depending on how I feel after taking my mom to the hospital tomorrow (simple procedure, no worries) I'll dig through my stash, see what I have that I haven't worn yet and post up the list for y'all to pick what you want to see. How's that sound? Fun? I think I'll give it a go anyways, just so I know what I haven't worn yet. lol Hope y'all have a great day.

Oh, and since I happened to have my camera with me in the kitchen, here's some magnets a friend of mine saved from being thrown in the trash. Thanks Ahtram!! I've had these for a while, but... ya know. Just got a picture so I figured I'd throw it up here.

*Going through so many nail blogs I keep getting all jealous. I'll never have enough followers for companies to send me free stuff. I have to keep telling myself that it's ok! In all honesty I do prefer a smaller fanbase. I'm not a "nail blogger", just some chick with a blog. I know I'd regret it if I painted (ha!) myself into a corner as far as postable content. I only started posting my nails recently and never thought anybody would care. Just had to share my excitement over the stamper Aaron got for me. Just... hrm. Yeah, that's been on my mind for a few days now. To be honest I keep waiting for something not nail-related to post about; kinda the same boat I was in when it was all Sims posts. Coming up soon we'll be making another trip to Dallas so hopefully something interesting will happen there. LOL K, bye for real this time.


  1. I think it turned out fine! the blue is a little dark and not really denimy but it still looks good! Maybe try brighter colors next time? a yellow or bright pink maybe?

    1. I tried, just gotta do more testing to see what's opaque enough since the yellow turned grey over the dark blue. :/

  2. I have that stamping plate! I really want to try the paint splatters now. So cute!


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