Sunday, February 26, 2012

Brak Inspired Quilt Mani

Started this design at 9:30am. Didn't finish until 6:30pm. Course I had to go out, and I spent a couple of hours playing Saints Row. Still, it took forever and didn't come out 100% the way I hoped, but.... I'd say 95%. And that's pretty darn good. I got the initial spark from Chloe's Nails, but the design is based purely on a warm Brak Quilt. I was checking out Chloe's blog and saw her patchwork manis. I thought "if that was a bit less symmetrical it would look like a quilt" which got me missing Brak and then I was on a mission to do quilt nails. I still had my base of Nude It! untouched so I started with that.

essence: nude it!

I really like brown, pink and blue together. Maybe not necessarily the shades I used, but you work with what ya got, right? Well, here's what I used:

all except that Blue Moon in the back row....

If you have any questions on the colors, go ahead and ask. If you're going to try something like this, though, you can use whatever colors you want! That's half the fun.

I used the taping method to get my blocks of "fabric" and a nail art brush for the "stitching" and stamped some randomish images with Wet n Wild white. Finished off with a matte topcoat because that made it look more fabricy. Here is the finished product:

Left Hand

Right Hand

Next I'll go through each finger, just because I think this particular design kind of warrants it. And, ya know, it took forever so I'm going to make this part last as long as I can. Not all of these pictures are 100% in focus, but hopefully you get the idea.

Left Pinky

Blue painted on the bottom. That's supposed to be a stamped butterfly and flower.

Left Ring

More patchy with a heart in the middle.

Left Middle

Lined up some lace and that's an envelope with a heart "sticker" on top.

Left Index

No stamping. Was trying to show off the pink and blue.

Left Thumb

I had to redo this one after totally messing up the paint. At least you can see the pink shimmer hiding in the blue. That's a dolphin on the bottom, peace signs in the middle and stars on top.

Right Pinky

Pink on top and a teddy bear stamped on bottom.

Right Ring

No stamping here. I started on my right hand so this was more of a technique practice.

Right Middle

Blue painted on bottom. Flowers stamped on top and that's supposed to be paisely on the bottom. Didn't quite transfer fully.

Right Index

I know it's a bit hard to see, but there's three flowers in the middle pink patch.

Right Thumb

I couldn't resist using Hello Kitty. Pleasantly surprised by how clearly she transferred! And it looks like she's studying so this one reminded me of Brak, too.

My only major complaint is that I wish I had used grey or a light brown for the stitching. The blue is really more of a stark contrast than I thought, but I'm hesitant cleaning off the nail art brushes to use in different polishes.... other than that little technicality I think it turned out pretty good. What do you think? Does it look quilty?


  1. i think you are right about a different color for the stitching. Or maybe even brighter colors for the patchwork? alot of quilts that i have seen are bright and colorful! but it looks pretty good

  2. i love your quilty fingers idea and i miss you, too.

    1. I'm so glad you like it. :D And I'm glad you're finally doing stuff you want to out there, instead of just what you have to.

  3. Very nice idea, I like it :)

    1. Thank you. :) It was a lot of fun (if a bit time consuming) so I'll probably revisit it someday.


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