Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blue "Gradient" Nails

I've got two manicures to share and I'm going to break them into two seperate posts because the second is fairly picture heavy. I wasn't terribly thrilled with either of them, but I'm learning some things along the way. I mentioned the other day that I was wearing Lagoon. It's a really pretty light blue that leans towards lavendar at some angles.

So pretty. I had the idea to sponge a glittery gradient over it and I think it would have looked really nice. Except.... this is part of that learning thing. Lesson #1: probably not the best idea to try and gradient a green-tinged blue over a lavendar-tinged blue.

Yep, that's a dig in my middle-finger nail. Razor. Just gotta wait for it to grow out. lol It didn't look that bad, and I was hoping that the super glitter tips would help even it out. Not so. Using a more "true" blue only made the differences more noticeable.

Ah well, that's nothing compared to my most recent fiasco. Oh, and since I didn't get a pic of myself holding the tiny essence bottle (in my giant man-hand), here's what I used:

And just because everybody loves Hello Kitty:

The balloon Aaron got for my birthday finally started losing it's gumption after four whole months. It's barely hanging in there, though. Evidenced by the slack in the ribbon. Either I'm on crack or they're making helium better than they used to. (I know they don't make helium.... better balloons?) I've never had one last this long. Ok, on to #2!


  1. Johnny's balloons that he got for his birthday finally lost their helium like a week ago. Granted it didn't last 4 months...but almost a month is pretty good considering he played with them...carrying them around....getting them smacked into the ceiling fan and smooshing them to hear them crinkle! AND we bought them at DollarTree. So either they are making helium better or the balloons themselves!

    1. LOL Yeah, a month is a long time with a young'un, huh? XD My mom's balloon lasted a long time, too, and that had cats playing with it. I dunno where whoever got it for her got it from so.... *shrugs* One day I'll invest in one of those little helium tanks for parties and buy up a bunch of balloons from different places for a big experiment. I probably won't.... but it sounds like a fun idea.


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