Thursday, February 16, 2012

Awesome Pacman Nails

This design was Aaron's idea. He had it about a month or so ago and I've finally gotten around to seeing if I could pull it off. It's a little blurry, but here's the big spread:

Stay tuned for clarity

The first thing I did was make a diagram on a piece of paper. I wanted a progression from Pacman to the ghosts (and I knew neither would fit on a pinky) so I just wanted to make sure everything would face the right direction. Then I wrote a list of all of the colors (8!) I would need. I grabbed a spare brush, a skewer ("dotting tool"), my polishes and sat down to work.

Pacman chasing ghost

I knew my only chance to get it right would be to go slow and not rush. I started with my special sticky basecoat to protect my nails from the black; and a thin starting layer of the black. Then, drawing on my drag marble experience I layed down a thick coat of black and used both the big and small ends of my skewer to make the power pellets. I did this on my pinkies and middle fingers.

Malevolent ghosties

I used much the same technique for Pacman (making his circle much bigger then drawing the mouth in after he dried) and the ghosts. For the ghosts I made two biggish circles together and then used the pointy end to drag the bottom down to make it squiggle. Pointy end for the eyes. They came out so much better than I expected.


And what's a game of Pacman without bonus fruits? More dots and drags. I let it dry for about an hour before sealing everything with a topcoat. And it still streaked a bit. Overall I think it looks really good, though. This is the first design I'm really happy with in a long time. Maybe because I don't have anything better by someone else to compare it to. I got my holo glitters in today and rumor has it my AVON order is also in (just waiting to hear when I should come get it) so more polishes! I have no idea what I'm going to do next. Perhaps some holographic green? We'll see. I've got three stamping plate sets bookmarked for future purchase. Would have been four, but the last one I found is almost an exact duplicate of my first set from amazon. Plus the one Konad plate I want. Yep, all those expensive name-brand plates and I only want the one. Sorry Konad. I wish I could find more "independant" plates like the Sanrio ones I found, but so far no such luck. Ah well.


  1. This is so cute, I really like the pink ghostie :D what polish did you use to paint the pink ghost?

    1. The pink one is from a little bottle of "Runts" scented polish. It came in a 5 pack scented like different Runts candies. I'm not sure of the brand, it says "Almar Sales Co." on the side.


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