Sunday, February 19, 2012

Avon and Dupe Check(s)

Avon calling! I love that. I don't love that Avon gets at least some of their ingredients from companies that do animal testing (even if they, themselves, do not), but I'm not one to turn down a friend. Especially if it's "Hey, I'm selling Avon. Wanna buy some nail polish?" Let me think.... uh.... yeah. Here's what I got for about $10:

Lagoon, Mink & Fusion

Shortly after placing my order the only color I could remember picking was Lagoon, so getting them today was a big surprise. After seeing it I remembered Fusion, but I can't explain why I picked Mink since it looks so much like Ulta's Chocolate Kiss. Maybe it looked lighter online? Anyway, I'll get to that in a second. On my way home I passed Ulta and set myself a very strict spending limit (especially since I was sans coupon; stupid printer) and sadly they only had one China Glaze.

Sweet Nothing & Papaya Punch

I took a big risk on Sweet Nothing since I hadn't checked my Avons yet and that could have been what Mink looked like for all I knew. I just knew I was going to want something light and basic. Got those two for just under $6. OH! I also learned that even if HEB quits selling essence (I do lower case because that's what's on the bottle), Ulta sells it for the same price! Huzzah!

So, I mentioned before that the Sinful Colors Innocent looked a lot like a Pure Ice color I have; and I just mentioned that Mink looked a lot like Chocolate Kiss. I knew from the greens I was going to do a comparison after taking off my orange and... I wasn't exactly looking forward to it. So this morning I checked amazon and eBay and found a 99cent nail wheel (free shipping!) on eBay so I ordered that for future checks. I learned from Colette's Nail Wheel FAQ that you can just pop the polish right off so no wasting remover! Double bonus. First up: the greens.

Wild Thing & Innocent

I had to go outside for these because they just look too similar. I'm not sure if you can tell, but there is a very subtle difference:

Wild Thing & Innocent

Can you see it? Pure Ice's Wild Thing is ever so slightly bluer, and Sinful Color's Innocent is ever so slightly yellower. And I mean slightly. So they're not identical (and that bumpiness with the Pure Ice is probably on my finger and not something wrong with the polish), but oh so close. I swear I'm not just trying to rationalize having them both. They're different!

Next: the browns.

Mink & Chocolate Kiss

Once I got these out in the sun you can see how different they are. Mink has more sparkles and Chocolate Kiss is a lot warmer. Even so, here they are on the nails:

Mink & Chocolate Kiss

See? Totally different. That's not just the wonky angle, Chocolate Kiss just doesn't have that kind of sparkle. I would have rearranged the bottles (after realizing what I did with the order), but my nosey neighbor came out so I grabbed my polish and went back inside. So, yeah, sorry for the odd finger angles. Hopefully next time I play around like this (play... for science!) it will be on a nail wheel and I can spare my fingers the extra remover. Which... heh... after catching my naked right hand in the sun I'll be picking up some baking soda and peroxide because my nails look wretched. It's a combo I missed during my naked nail escapade and since it worked so well for Colette hopefully it'll work well for me, too. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm just going to cover it up with polish anyway. :p Shut up.

I'm currently wearing Lagoon (the first I chose to order, the first I chose to wear), but I have plans for it. I had the plans before I put it on, but it's so pretty I'm going to leave it alone for today. Tomorrow: big surprise! Also inspired by The Nail Buff so hopefully I don't screw it up. Thanks for stopping by!

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