Monday, January 2, 2012

When In Dallas

As far as my limited time in Dallas I've tried to spiffify the airport, regail you with videos of the highway and make you giggle with pictures taken in the bathroom. But I've never really spent any time in the wonderful non-capitol city. I haven't seen the sights, except from afar. Today, upon Aaron's insistance, was going to be different. Yesterday I mentioned a few things I had found, and a few reservations I had developed. As I lay down trying to sleep I had an epiphany. We'd go to the Galleria first then check out the area containing the artwalk and see how we felt about it before finishing off at the Farmer's Market. After all, it's Dallas. It's not going anywhere. And so, after a meager four hours of sleep (which contained this dream), the journey began bright and early at 6am.

On the road again

The trip to the lot was nice and uneventful. Just the way I like it. Well, mostly. We got there and the "in" gate was blocked with a sign directing us to go in the "out" gate, but we got it all worked out. After packing up dad's truck I punched the address to the Galleria Dallas into my phone's GPS and off we went! Interesting story there: Apparently we "had" to take the toll road to get there (it ended up being an easy in-and-out from there so I didn't mind much) and... toll roads have changed since the last time I was on one. No booths. Nope. They take your picture just like the traffic cameras and mail you a bill. Wow. That is fancy. Anyway, we made it to the mall sorry, Galleria easily enough and after passing the "valet only" parking area found a parking garage near the entrances to both the highway and the mall. Huzzah! We also got lucky enough to find a parking space right at the entrance to the parking garage. Lucky!

We're #1

Then we spent... I don't even know how long wandering around this massive monument to consumerism. 3.5 stories, so many stores. We walked around and around and around. We used the escalators.... I hate escalators. They scare me. But Aaron was there and I lived so I guess it's ok. Next time I want to try the elevator.

I picked up a map, and dining directory

First Stop: Bathroom

I was all by myself

Brak picked out my sweater :D

How about them Cowboys?!

Smoothing ice faster than the speed of my phone

Massive Holiday Tree

In the interest of making the day more of an adventure we decided to try something sorta new for lunch. During our clothes shopping adventure Brak mentioned that LA folk go bananas over this Five Guys Burger & Fries. They'll tell you how good it is without you even having to ask. Why the hell not?

It's a still life

He got a Burger

I got a Little Burger with cheese & bacon

They had their own bathroom ;)

Now.... I'm not gonna say that LA folk are crazy, but.... they were just burgers, and we've had better. They were good.... but nothing to write home about. *shrugs* At least now we know and can say "Dude, chill, it's just a burger." Anyway, after the hike back to the car and a quick punch-in of our next destination (historic downtown Dallas) we were again whisked off into the city. I don't know if it was luck, the time of day or something else, but we easily found a parking space a couple of blocks from the JFK memorial with a working parking meter and absolutely nothing happened to the car while we were away. I did put twice as much money into the meter than I needed to, but better safe than booted. We did some walking around and only twice did I feel like we should maybe walk a little faster. Not too bad. It was very cold in the shadows of all of those big buildings, but we're definitely going to go back and take the full walk sometime in the Spring when it's warmer. Hopefully there will be more tourists so we don't stand out quite so much. Anyway, here are the pictures I took while walking around near the artwalk area.

First interesting bit of architecture

We parked next to giant Christmas art

Buildings across the street

That's the ball that's lit up at night

We found art on the way to JFK!

Me in front of art

Aaron manhandles massive drill art

This old building caught my eye

A small fountain

The Old Red Museum and Visitor Center

Such an amazing building

We went in and picked up some literature

JFK Memorial
Was unsure if we were allowed any closer

JFK Memorial ground plaque

Interesting architecture across the way

County records building

With this shack in front of it-

-which was a post office apparently
Sorry about the quality

And also this Deputy Sheriff memorial

County Records' Plaque

Old & New

Aaron liked this one

Another memorial? We didn't check...

The impressive Hotel Lawrence

And since we'd come full circle:

Parked in the shadow of the Omni Hotel

After making it back to the car we decided we could go ahead and check out the Farmer's Market. It was practically deserted, but I could see us revisiting in the future. You know, when some nice produce would actually be in season. I became a bit disoriented and didn't get a picture of their giant "Farmer's Market" building front, but I did get one of this smaller sign by where we parked.

We made it!

So we didn't fill the car with veggies for dinner, but we did have a delightful experience. Nice to get that first run-through out of the way. The way back... oh man. We got caught up in a little bit of traffic, but that was from people rubbernecking the 3+ wrecks on the northbound lane of traffic. That whole side was backed up! So glad we missed it. Just a little more research and we'll be doubley ready for our return. Hurray Dallas! Still, as much as I've enjoyed our "big city" forays.... I'm so glad I don't live in one.

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