Sunday, January 15, 2012

Water Marble Revisited

Two posts in one day?! I know! I try not to do that, but I wanted to go ahead and get this up while I'm thinking about it. If you remember, I just water marbled my nails yesterday with mixed results. Three of the fingers on my left hand were horribly smudged and I was afraid I'd have to re-do my nails a lot sooner than I want to. Ya know, concidering the length/difficulty of the process and the sheer amount of polish involved in creating this effect. Well, here's the previous pic:

After I posted up my Corn Hill blog I was sitting here reading through the archive over at My Simple Little Pleasures and started thinking about that vaseline idea. I have vaseline. Somewhere. So once I found that I realized what I had to do.

I started out by using a q-tip to take off the marble effect on the three offenders. Then I just polished over another layer of the green to smooth everything out. Once that was dry I gooped up my fingers with the vaseline and this time the marbleing came out much much better. After allowing the polish to dry for a little bit I just used this pointy little tool thingy to scrape off the vaseline and this is what I was left with:

I know it looks a little crappy, but I also wanted to show how well the vaseline worked. That there is the extend of my remover-needed cleanup. I don't really have to show you what it looks like after that extra bit is cleaned up do I? Oh fine....

Happy? Good. I got a small "concealer" brush to do my eyeliner (since I just use a dark eyeshadow, haven't used a pencil or liquid in ages) and I think I may get one for vaseline application. If I can get it right up around my nail edge I might even have an easier cleanup after just painting. And less to clean up after marbeling. As it is just using my finger to spread the stuff didn't work out too poorly.

In conclusion: Even though my two fingers don't have as much white as the rest of my nails, and even though my thumb ended up with a couple of bubbles, I'm very happy with them now. No having to remove it all and starting over with something different. :D The only nail-related downside to the last couple of days is a post I read on nail polish thinner. I'm absolutely kicking myself over the many bottles I've thrown away over the years.....


  1. so i'm kinda confused about the whole water marbling thing...did u talk about it b4 in your blog? what is it/how do u do it? Your nails look cool but from this blog and the last one about it it sounds like a big pain in the ass!

    oh and your Live Traffic Feed is off lol unless you have another friend in Ohio that is on your blog at the same time...i'm not it Thurman, OH it's almost 2 hours away from me. Unless that's where my IP address is being routed to. weird anyways.

    1. That might be where it's routing from? I noticed it was Circleville before and then it changed. Weird. I'll post up a link on your fb as soon as I get ther ewith the tutorial page I used. It is kind of a pain, but I'm getting the hang of it. lol


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