Saturday, January 14, 2012

Water Marble Nails

Yesterday I expressed my frustration at how poorly this process was going. Today Aaron insisted I buy some new polish, since it tends to get thicker if it's older. So I sat in HEB for about 10 minutes trying to pick out some good colors. I'm still not going to pay more than a buck or two for nail polish so the selection wasn't great. I finally settled on a fresh bottle of white (for contrast), a shimmery green and a shimmery dark blue. It still doesn't spread as well as it does in the videos, but it did work well enough that my nails didn't turn into one big ol' gloppy mess. That's a start. I think I just need a bit of practice. I started out doing my left hand. The first two fingers (pinky & ring) came out really really nice. That was encouraging. Then somehow the other three got smudged. I think the second swirl batch was a little thick and I'm pretty sure I ended up hitting my thumb with the stick while trying to clear the water's surface.

For my right hand I worked a bit quicker and was a bit more careful about how much polish was collecting in the center. So some of the designs aren't as intricate as those two that worked, but they all came out a lot smoother and unsmudged.

The only real problem on my right hand was that my middle and pointer finger ended up with some little bubbles. They seem ok now, but if you catch them at an angle you can see where the bubbles were. Now, I used scotch tape like Colette (linked to from yesterday), and that worked out ok. Except that I'm kind of a spazz and got nail polish all over a couple of my fingers. I did a little searching and this blog recommends covering your finger (whole finger, if you have to) in vaseline. I think that might be more my speed.

I really like the fingers that worked so I'm definitely going to keep trying. See if I can find a method that works even when the polish doesn't spread like it's "supposed" to. I wonder if that has something to do with it being so cold in here? I don't know. I just hope that one day I can get it to work well enough that my fingers kind of match a little better. I didn't realize I had some verticle stripes and some horizontal. Ah well, at least it looks a billion times better than the mess I created yesterday. I was going to stamper them, but I think I'll wait until my Hello Kitty plate gets here. Yes, I will keep calling it "my Hello Kitty plate" even though she's only one of the seven images. And according to the tracker it just left Boston. My camera is coming from Arizona, and the other plates are coming from California. All by USPS so there shouldn't be any problems getting them. Huzzah.

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