Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainbow FAIL

In all fairness to myself, this fail was not really my fault. I did a good job and it looked really cool. Just there's something wrong with the polish. By the time the first top coat dried most of it had started to slide around. I really like this idea, though, and it really did look awesome before the... whatever happened happened.

You can see in the right hand's picture what I'm talking about. The french tips slid right down. I may be a spaz, but even on my worst day I can get the polish to the end of my nail. -_- Here's what I used, btw:

Then I was going to try and redo the Shatter-inspired polish and that didn't go well at all. I picked up a really pretty purple to match the blue and green I had used previously and "knew" worked for the water marble. This time I had no such luck. Had the green on (with basecoat), had my nails all taped up.... and it just would not spread. My biggest problem is not being able to get the polish to drip off of the brush. Which is just insane to me since I've had quite a few instances of polish dripping right onto my nail. Anyway, I just did a second coat of green and since I already had my goldest chrome (Gilded Pearl) set out I used that to do butterflies.

I do feel bad not using that new purple, but I want to try and keep this one on for a few days. I can do the purple next. With any luck by then it'll be time to use some of these pinks. Haven't tested the minis for water marble-ability yet, but I did get a quick dry pink that hopefully won't be too sheer. Ya know, in case the water marble plan doesn't work I can do the pink and just stamp red hearts all over the place. And since I really haven't had too many random pics piling up in my phone, here's one of Sonic at night.

We went to Jack In The Box and decided to eat in the parking lot. We happened to be facing Sonic. I didn't figure it would come out too clearly, and it didn't. *shrugs*

Last thing. I'm trying to figure out if there is some kind of point cap on GameHouse. Today I started with 9665 level points and ended up at 10,375. 710 seems like kind of an odd cap, so I'm wondering if the coins is capped? I'll test that tomorrow. If it's another weird, random looking number, then perhaps I just keep running into games that don't want to give up their points? That happened, but usually if I reload the game then the points come up. Hrm... just tried a different game and it gave me points... So weird. Anyway, have a good'un.

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