Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quite A Scare

Here I thought I was going to have nothing to talk about. Yet at about 6:30pm I was given almost a gift. The gift of a story wrapped in a near heart attack.

So, all in all I'm a good girl. I stay out of trouble. In my 31 years I've only had two run-ins with the police. Twice let off with a warning. I'm also a very safe driver, even when flying down the highway I'm courteous of other drivers and keep my eyeballs open for the fuzz. Which is one reason why today's incident came as such a shock.

I have two theories as to why I was pulled over. Theory 1: Mistaken Identity. Mr. Cop said I was going 43 in a 30, but I had just pulled out onto the street and hadn't even reached 20mph yet. Theory 2: Mr. Cop wanted a closer look at my boobs. Even though I wasn't wearing a cleavage-bearing top. Hrm. Regardless of the actual reason for my being pulled over, it came as a complete and total surprise to me. So much so that when he asked if I knew why I was being pulled over I answered with sincere confusion "No". Which is when he told me the "reason", said he was going to give me a warning, then asked for my liscense and insurance. Is that odd? It seemed odd.

So we're sitting there waiting and waiting and I knew nothing was going to come up so it was really more embarassing than anything. I'm surprised he didn't say anything about the multitude of creatures that have accumulated on my dashboard. Just told me to drive safe and sent me on my way. Still... maybe I'm paranoid, but it is a little unsettling. Of course I can't quite pinpoint what I think might happen (paranoia), but then I'm reminded of a quote I saw once. "God" will always punish us for those things which we can't imagine.

That was definitely not the end I expected for this otherwise unremarkable weekend. And here I was feeling pretty good after cresting 10,000coins(points) on GameHouse. Huh? What does that mean? It means I can either get a free game now or keep earning points. 40,000 more points nets me a $25 amazon gift card. And you know how much I love free money.

I've also gotten the green light on some Sanrio plates. I just have to make a deposit tomorrow and then (not as easy as amazon) transfer some funds into my paypal and before you know it I'll have these beauties shipped right to me:

My Favorite Must-Have

I like the bows & moons & stuff

Squirrel and Bunny not on 1st plate

The top one is, obviously, #1 on my list. The second two are from an eBay seller in Hong Kong who has some seriously kawaii plates. Depending on how much shipping is for the first one (guy in Hong Kong does free shipping!) I may treat myself to a third plate from his collection. Then, seriously, no more internet shopping. Until I get some free internet money. *click~click~click* hehehehe

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