Saturday, January 21, 2012

PC Work

No, not adding stuff to Frankenputer. Just cleaning up the insides. After someone thought that a facebook app was a virus (even though I didn't notice anything amiss) I did a malwarebytes scan which came up clean. Then I decided to update my CCleaner and it's got some new features. One that interests me, but takes forever, is the drive wipe option. I think I'll be doing that next. After I get a few more things cleaned up. Especially after I tried Piriform's Defraggler. It's a defragmenting tool that seems to be a lot more thorough than the one that comes with windows. And (especially if you're running Vista or 7 where there is no visual) it's kind of fun to watch. Well... for me it is. I like the flashing colored blocks. So even though I don't have any appreciable problems, I think it's just time for scans and such. Especially since I've been spending so much time tracking down super cool Sanrio nail plates that I can't afford. Yet. I will be getting that one I linked to the other day, at the very least. According to that blog there's an eBay seller from Hong Kong who has a variety of Sanrio plates which I will be checking out at some point.

I do have a super cool idea for my nails (and my Hello Kitty design) for the next time I do my nails. For now, though, I'm going to give Aaron a break from the smell of acetone and just leave them how they are for a bit. After removing the extra kitty faces I had some unsightly white streaks so I just removed the whole job and did kind of the same thing.

It's a different french tip. Can you see the beige swirls through it? They're a little smudged, but I'm ok with it. The big problem I've been having with the french tip stamps is getting them on straight. They usually end up kind of crooked and I have to use a q-tip to straighten it out. Practice practice practice, I guess. After my Kitty manicure I'm going to attempt one of the full-nail designs. See how well I do with that. Possibly try and find one that won't be as noticeable if I don't get it 100% straight. Just in case.

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