Thursday, January 19, 2012

Park Day and Kitty Plate

First, let me apologize for the clarity in some of the pictures. Apparently I'm still trying to figure out the right distance for macro mode. Hopefully you can see anyway.

Despite this morning's chill today ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. 80 degrees around 3pm and not nearly as windy as it has been. One of the things we wish we had done more with Elvis was taking him out walking, and since we have a pet friendly park nearby now we promised Jet that as soon as it was nice enough we'd take her walking. (again, we've taken her before lol) Elvis did not like car trips very much. He usually got sick even if we weren't going very far. Jet, on the other hand, loves riding in the car.

Sitting Pretty

Even though the excitement of the trip wore her out a little, that didn't stop her from taking off like a shot as soon as we got to the park. She loves it there and was such a good girl when we passed children. Other dogs.... not as much. She especially likes big dogs.

Puppy In Motion

Two full laps around and we were all huffing and puffing and ready to go home. Had a couple of stops to make first. First to Little Ceasar's for dinner (Hot & Ready and Italian cheesy bread YUM!), gas station and the mailbox. As expected my Hello Kitty stamping plate came in today. This order came with a little added bonus. Those are little metal butterflies and Kitty heads. Definitely going to have to come up with a good idea for them.

Can't Resist Sanrio

Here's where my novice-macro skillz come into question. The plate works great, just after stuffing myself with pizza I guess my hands weren't as steady as they could have been. I think my right hand actually turned out better than my left this time.

Left Hand

Right Hand

I probably could have just done Kitty on my thumbs and the little flowers on my pinkies and it would be nice. I haven't top coated them, so I can still change my mind. I just mostly wanted to see how well it stamped since some people really just have the biggest problems with generic (non-Konad brand) plates. Here, for your scrutiny, is the clearest picture.


Sometime yesterday afternoon I got to thinking "I wonder if there are plates with other Sanrio characters?" Ya know, because Keroppi and My Melody are my favorites. After a bit of searching I found this blog which was kind enough to link to a site that sells a plate full of Sanrio! I do suggest you check that link out for two reasons: 1- It has a very nice picture of the plate. 2- I like the design she pulled off on her nails. I don't like the shape of her nails as much (I really don't like flat tips either, I like a gentle curve) or how much space is between the polish and cuticle. I mean, that's just my opinion, but I like full nail coverage otherwise it just looks like you've been wearing fake nails for too long and need 'em filled. I must say, though, her stamping skills are impeccable and I'm totally jealous.

One last little treat. Not sure how amusing you'll find it, but here it is anyway. I've been reading Stephen King's new(?) book (11/22/63, thanks Dave!!) and the main character is in Texas to stop Oswald from assassinating JFK. Where else would he end up from time to time....

Hope this isn't copyright infringement

but Killeen, TX. (yes, I'll admit this once, that's where I am. "near Austin" is code for Killeen. No one wants to admit being here because it's a shithole) On a number of occassions for a couple of different reasons. But I'll not be giving anything away. As expected it's a fascinating book, but I can't really recommend it until I've finished it. King has never disappointed me on an ending before (and as many of his books as I've read that's saying a lot), but.... you never know, right? Anybody who had the displeasure of encountering me after I watched that angel movie with Meg Ryan knows what a bad ending can do to an otherwise good story for me. I'd rather read or watch something moderately crappy throughout than enjoy something and be shorted with a bad ending.

*ahem* Anyway, that seems to be it for today. Yes, more nail stuff. Count yourself lucky. I was going to rant today. *winks*

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