Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New Cam For New Nails

I *heart* package tracking. Was sitting here about 6pm yesterday checking on my amazon orders and attempting a water marble for Aaron. According to the tracker my new (to me) camera should be sitting in the mailbox. So, sweetheart that he is, Aaron walked up in the cold and wind to go retrieve it for me. It was just like I expected. Just the camera and the cord. So my first order of business was to turn it on and see what all the buttons do. Being unable to figure out how to switch to "macro" setting I then searched the internets for a manual. Which I found. So now I can bring you near crystal clear pictures like this:

Left Hand

and this:

Right Hand

So it's not the best paint job. I'm still encountering many frustrtaions with the water marble technique, but the detail in the pictures is great, right? Back to the "I *heart* tracking" opener: My set of 25 plates should be in today! I should have known the Kitty one would be the last to arrive.

While I was trying to do this red/black/silver marble for Aaron I was also searching the internets for tips. Any kind of help at all. I tried a smaller cup and that didn't help. I tried adding a couple drops of polish remover to the water, ditto. I've noticed a lot of people use "China Glaze" brand polish, but I just couldn't feel good about myself spending $6 a bottle normally. Forget about dropping it into water and wasting so much of it. I'll just have to keep trying and experimenting and if I never get it... then I'll never get it. I'll just concentrate on mastering the stamper.


  1. i dont see hardly any black. i see the red and silver. is it cuz of the flash or did it just not show up?

    1. Technically I ended up doing red, silver and dark silver. The black wouldn't spread no matter what I did with it. -_- Oh, one girl said you don't *have* to do the spreading rings. Just do some drops around and swirl 'til it looks right. That's kinda what I had to do. You just have to be REALLY careful about blobs. And I think the rings come out looking better because it's automatically more even. *groans* I wish it was easy like it is for everybody else. LOL

  2. your feed says a visitor from Butte, Montana arrived... it's not Butte, it's me, in Kalispell, which is the opposite damn side of the state from Butte! lol... anyway, it's ME!! I love your blog Lizzy... reading your daily stuff makes my day! :-)

    1. LOL Good to know. Seems the tracker is 'off' for a couple of people. I'm glad you enjoy my ramblings. :D I was worried it was getting boring since I haven't really done any as a "story" instead of a boring old normal narrative in a while.


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