Friday, January 6, 2012

Late Night Update

Ok, it's not that late compared to how late I've been up in the past, but concidering Aaron beat me to bed about an hour ago, I guess that makes it kind of late. Just wanted to get to the next season on Hello Kitty. Even though my new save is a tad glitchy, it's still been running and I'm making so much more progress than the last one. I really do like this game. And I'm more than a little disappointed that nobody's written a guide or walkthrough for it. So perhaps I will. I'd have to get 100% then go through again to really make it a good one. In the meantime I can feel good about answering a slew of unanswered questions on That link will take you right to the questions page, btw.

It hasn't all been fun and games, though. Aaron and I kind of concurrently put ourselves on the same mission this weekend. Fix the damn bathtub drain. Longtime readers know that this drain has been a problem since my sister's whore-bitch girlfriend was here. Click that link to see her simly death. Anyway, I read online that a "home remedy" for drains is baking soda and vinegar. Ya know, like volcanoes. So after cleaning out the laundry sludge in there we've been hitting it with that and then a pot of boiling water to "clear" it. Boiling water is also helpful for melting up grease in the pipes. It seems like it's working, but then so did the blue crystal stuff.

Also, as good as the year has been so far, I've run into a personal snag. Got two of my favorite old school games (Chuck Rock and Toe Jam & Earl: Panic on Funkatron) and my super spiffy 3-in-1 console doesn't work! :( I finally tracked down the cord and it's just not working. I popped it open and nothing looks broken. I'm going to have my dad look at it before dedicating myself to trying to replace it. I've spent so much on myself lately I'm really starting to feel bad about it.....

And I guess that's it. I'll be heading to try and sleep now. Hopefully tomorrow we can work more on the drain without my mom suddenly deciding to do laundry or something. An overnight "drying" (my recent plumbing experience leaves me doubtful about how dry pipes actually get) should help us reach the problem areas more effectively. That is my hope anyway.

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