Saturday, January 28, 2012


So, it turns out I won't be getting the Sanrio plate that I really want until Summer. That sucks. I tried to satisfy myself with a bit of creativity and soon re-discovered that I truly am more of an art appreciator than an artist. After my mild success with the full nail design I had kind of an idea for that particular design. Aaron mentioned it looked kind of like stained glass. I put it together that he has a character made of stained glass and wanted to do a sort of homage. Ya know, since the other nails I did for him didn't turn out so well. Before I start getting ahead of myself, here's the character that inspired me:

Cool, huh? I told Aaron my idea and he really liked it. So much that we made a trip out to Walmart so he could pick out the right colors and he even grabbed a paint palette so I could do some testing before I got started. I wanted to make sure it came out right so I did a lot of testing.

By the time I was done I was pretty sure I'd be able to pull it off exactly as I imagined. Well, almost. I wanted to do a water marble, but the sheer sparkly polishes were doing weird things in the water. I figured a different way to do the colors and got started. I wasn't going to use the base coat initially, but after taking off the last polish I kinda felt like my nails were looking a little better. At least better than I expected for blasting it with polish remover several days in a row. So base coat it was to start.

I was hoping to only need one coat of white, but it's hard to get white cleanly over base coat for some reason. Possibly because my nails aren't exactly smooth. Kind of ridgey? It's not uncommon. That's why they sell buffers! Don't judge me. Anyway, two coats of white.

At this point I was going to do a pearly white over this white, but my testing showed it made everything kind of grey looking. So I skipped that and went on to alternating blocks of the green, blue and purple. Even though I had to get dressed and head out shortly after the first coat, I thought I was still doing pretty well.

I did two coats of the blue and purple and a third of the green because it was a bit more sheer. Then I went over that with the holographic polish I picked up to give it a little more depth.

Then I ran into a little bit of a problem. Even though the tests went well with the black, it ended up being a bit too gummy for such a big design. So I had to revert back to the darkest chrome I have (after also trying another almost-black polish that was also too gummy), the "purple" sapphire. This actually wouldn't have been too bad, except I had a bit of a problem. I didn't want to press too hard, so some of the nails didn't get all of the design. Still, Aaron liked it....

....until I had a super spaz moment and totally demolished both of my thumbs while changing the kitchen trashbag. Even though the topcoat was completely dry there was so much going on underneath it all just smooshed right off. I'll never understand that. The white, at least, was 100% dry because I did that before bed and when I woke up it was completely smooth. That didn't matter. Even the white was smooshy. At least it made removal easier. Now my nails are naked for the time being. I'm a bit.... disillusioned? Disheartened, at least. Perhaps it's not a totally bad thing that I have to wait until summer for my grand Sanrio plan.

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