Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Nails!

Now, I'd like to start at the beginning and work sequentially, but facebook only randomly lets me pick a thumbnail and I'd rather that not be my nasty-ass thumbnail... You'll see. So, for the sake of "only my readers can see the depths" I'll be starting out with the finished product and then showing you how I got there. Kosher? Good, let's get started.

Hello Kitty!

This looks much better than my previous Kitty stamping. I wanted to do a rainbow of pink kitties, but 3 of the 5 colors I chose wouldn't stand out on the silver (titanium) background. Oh well, I like this sapphire color anyway. Now, to backtrack a bit and go back to the beginning.

I mentioned previously that after the water marble my nails were stained. Well, here ya go. The pictures I did not want as the thumbnail for the world to see:

Left Hand

Right Hand

Awful, right? It'll go away eventually. I just can't believe my beloved green betrayed me! Looks like I have a bad case of nail fungus.... I swear I don't. And they seem to be in at least the same shape they were during my no polish adventure. So, yay! I didn't kill my nails in the same way I did my hair. I'm getting a little sidetracked. Colette recommends Biotin for nail strength, but my splurges are mounting. At HEB I noticed this:

Cuticle Pen

It's e.l.f. so it was only 99cents and it's got oils and vitamins. I put it in my nail polish box (which I might put up a picture one of these days) so I'll remember to use it whenever I take off my polish. I don't buy the "best" remover so... ya know, it couldn't hurt to try.

I mentioned on facebook that my mom found the Box O' Chrome polishes. I love these polishes and I wish Sally Hansen still made them. They're super shiny, great in one coat (better in two) and dry super fast. Alas, limited edition collection. But we have about 20 of them and they're still in great shape and they work fantastically for stamping. My original idea was a pink background with the rainbow kitties. After going through the chromes I settled on the whitest silver. Titanium Chrome.

Shiny :D

Then I used the Sapphire Chrome for the stamps. Because, as I said, some of the different pinks I picked just wouldn't show up. One less-than-stellar stamp per hand I might have been able to overlook, but two right next to each other.... No. I mean, I'm going to be looking at these all the time. So I polished a third coat of the Titanium and reached for the Sapphire. Lovely purple, my mom's favorite so I'm surprised there's any left. Luckily there is because I really like how this came out. Then, after some debate I went over it with my Hello Kitty glitter polish. Aaron got this for me in a HK nail sticker kit. So, for those of you who saw me mention it, no I wasn't being dramatic, HK glitter polish:

More Kitty!

I know, I know, you can't really see the glitter. Probably go over it one more time. That's my biggest gripe with glitter polishes, and the main reason I don't really buy them anymore. The glitter is no where near as dense on the nail as it looks in the bottle. Ah well. I didn't buy this one and I lurves it anyways. And I LURVES how my nails look.

Two more things before I stop rambling: Aaron spotted a bag of five Wet & Wild polishes for $4 with Valentine's Day colors. I was wanting to revisit the water marble, hoping I can do something nice for V-Day. These are fresh and the same brand so *fingers crossed* I can get it to work. I'll be doing a white-ish base next time. Second; I put in the transfer to my paypal account so just as soon as that goes through (3-5 business days) I'll be ordering up those last few Sanrio plates. Then the real fun begins. I already have an amazing idea stuck in my head and I seriously hope I can pull it off. My stamping skillz are getting better (notice both the pinky-flower and extra thumb-chain are even!... mostly), I just hope I'm not being too ambitious.

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