Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hair And Nail Joy

Yes, two in one day again. Apologies, but I didn't expect things to turn out the way they did today. Otherwise I would have waited. I guess even after things don't turn out so well sometimes a day can turn around and surprise you.... or.... me, in this case.

Let's start with my first (shareable) warm fuzzy. My hair. This, I think, is the biggest actual shock. As my nearest and dearest know my hair is one of my own greatest enemies. Recently I've also mentioned youtube-ing some hair stuff (emo girls), but what I may not have mentioned was one that I tried. No, not the mayo one. The other one. I started out looking for tips on growing hair long. So when I came across a video of a girl using a razor to layer her hair ("don't use razors, they'll damage the cuticles") I sort of dismissed it. Then I figured "why not?". I didn't notice much difference until I straightened my hair last night then woke up this morning to this lovely:

Razor Layers!

If you can't see them just let your eyes follow the arrow line. Also, even after re-dying my hair last night (I wanted to wait until February, but Aaron insisted) my hair is soft again! :D I'll credit a combination of the mayo and the super conditioners they include with the hair dye kits.

My second warm fuzzy is, obviously, my nails. After removing the red and silver I was left with stains. More than I expected. Green and red. The other day at Dollar Tree I picked up some beige colored Max Factor and three coats took care of that. And it's a really nice, subtle shade after all of the color craziness. I would have been happy to leave them normal, but I was even happier that my jumbo set of 25 plates came today. Then came decision time. I didn't want to do too much to my fingernails with Hello Kitty on her way, so I chose a neat little french-tippy design. But I also couldn't resist the scorpion.

My Chosen Plates

I still wanted to keep them somewhat subdued so I chose white for the tips. For three reasons. 1. Subdued, duh. 2. Not many colors really go with beige. 3. That's what they use for french tips anyway.

Before Top Coat

After Top Coat

Once Kitty Comes in I can just stamp her pretty face anywhere under the design. Or over. I'll see how big it is. What about the scorpion? This is actually a fairly big design so there was only one appropriate place to put it.

Facing Each Other

I have to say for mass produced generic plates I'm very pleasantly surprised at how well these worked. I was a bit worried because so many people were complaining about the designs not being etched deeply enough and smudging and blah~blah~blah. I didn't have any problems.

Oh! And I guess I fibbed a bit. My first (shareable) fuzzy came in my dream last night. Not only were there words I could read, but they were in German! I'm ecstatic about that. So even though I have a ton of cleaning to do tomorrow, I've had a very good day today. Fantastic. Even had a good meatloaf (which I normally do not like) thanks to Aaron's skills in the kitchen.

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