Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Full Stamp Design

First, let's come up with a mantra: "I will not become OCD about my nails, I will not become OCD about my nails, I will NOT become OCD about my nails." *deep breath* and now I feel better. I'm really not trying to, just this stamper thingy is so freakin' awesome and if I can even halfway pull off the idea I have for when I get my Sanrio plate.... man, you're gonna love it.

Until then, I wanted to test out the "full nail design"... thingy. Images. One of them, anyway. Some of them, I have noticed, are a little smaller than others, so I went through and picked about 5 of the bigger (and cooler) ones, then narrowed it down to two and had two polish colors picked out for each.... Two polishes, one for each. I already had this wicked cool purple-to-green polish as my base. I let Aaron decide which of the two he wanted to see and he decided on this one:

Silver kind of art deco lookin'. The one he didn't pick was orange (because I like contrasting secondary colors bar none) animal print. This was mostly to test out the full-nail and I think I did pretty well. I have some blank spots on my right nails, but that's more to do with my spazzy left hand. My right hand did a pretty good job, I think. I'm not going to top-coat this. I had the hardest time getting the Kitties off. Also, I tried to take a picture and it just didn't show, but something in those mass of layers started cracking! O_o I know. Weird. This is just two layers of the purple-to-green (essence color & go "Where Is The Party?" if you must know. lol) While I'm on that, it's called "color & go" because it's supposed to be super fast drying, and it is. And it was 99cents at HEB so even though it's a small bottle, it's still a good deal. I did use my cuticle pen thingy.

Last little tidbit, if you recall the reason for my no polish dealy was because my nails are, when they're not polish-stained, kinda yellow. Apparently polish does this, as I suspected back then, and a base coat is supposed to help protect your nails from yellowing and make the polish stick better. Fancy. I've been looking around and finally found one under $4. LA Colors hardening base coat at Walmart for 99cents. Much happier price for Lizzy. It's supposed to help with splitting and stuff too, so we'll see. I'm still not super likely to go wandering around with naked nails (it's just not my style), but healthier nails make for prettier paint jobs. Debating if I want to start up a photoalbum on facebook or my website for my nail arts.... would that be OCD?

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