Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream Reflection + Odds & Ends

This one may be a bit long and rambly, but there's a couple of things I want to cover while I'm thinking about them. The first, I suppose, is the dream I had last night. I'm sure I've mentioned that I don't generally have symbolic dreams, but this double-reflection has been haunting my thoughts most of the day. When I was a child I sought out mirrors in my dreams, hoping I could use them as a portal. This... this is something different, I think. I've got this:

"To see your reflection in your dream represents your true self; it is time to look within. The reflection may highlight both your flaws and positive attributes. Learn from your flaws and how to improve them. At the same time, appreciate your good qualities. Alternatively, your reflection indicates how you want others to perceive you.
If you see a strange figure or something other than your own reflection, then it suggests that you are undergoing some identity crisis. You are not sure about who you are anymore."

and this:

"To see your own double in your dream suggests that you are attempting to recapture the past and the good old times. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you are needlessly working twice as hard or doing double duty."

I really don't know what to make of that. If anybody reading this has any ideas, I'm all ears. And just so it doesn't go without saying: I do not have MPD. As far as I know.

Now, I guess, some other tidbits. As promised (eluded to?), here is my nail polish box:

I haven't counted them, so I don't know how many I have. That is mostly two layers deep. My nail stamping kit is in the nifty HK bag. Still loving my current nails and still waiting for the funds to transfer to my paypal already....

In the meantime, I've had a bit of time to kill. Between cleaning and dishes and all those real-life thingies that take up my time. So, what have I been doing in my free time? Well.... I've been trying to make money on the internets, that's what. Sort of. I mentioned accumulating points over on GameHouse, but that's only part of it. Because, you see, I've developed a system. (I also have several other sites, but those are more on their schedule, this one I can do all day if I choose to) I load up GameHouse and do the normal stuff (logging in for daily points, loading up the facebook games for 100 points and downloading the daily free game for more points), then I load up Colette's Blog. Overall I really enjoy going through her archive. So in one tab I have blog, in the other I have GameHouse. I'll read an archive post, then pop over to GameHouse and load up one of their online games. I get 10 Level points and 10 coins every time I load up an online game, even if I don't actually play it. What? Yes! So by going back and forth I'm making upwards of 500+ coins on GameHouse and steadily making my way through a whole other person's blog. I know, amazing.

"But Lizzy," you may ask. "What do you do while you're waiting for that game to load up?" Oh you know me so well. I do wait for the game to load so I can be sure I get the points. I fill that time-void either doing my nails (cleaning, filing, painting, whatever) or, since it's dry, cold, winter, I've been trying out this lotion I got from Ricky.

It's nice. Not greasy, smells pretty, absorbs quickly. My poor feet are still a bit rough, but then I haven't tried out the new pumice stone I got either. Since I've been practicing the proper distance for macro-shots, I thought I'd also share what's been making my hair so soft:

After I totally killed it with bleach I was using Pantene 2-in-1 and a Pantene conditioner. This came free with one of the coupons. I haven't been able to afford Pantene lately (yay Suave! and White Rain! LOL), but then I realized I still had that sitting up on the bathroom counter and decided to give it a shot. It's really nice. I'm sure getting the super-fried ends chopped off helped a bit, but this has made a definite difference.

I'm working my way up to a sneak peak of a big project I'm working on (Brak knows, hehehe), but I'm only about halfway there. Just hang around. In two weeks you'll be so surprised. Perhaps. In the meantime, here's a giggle my dad left me in my inbox this morning.

I think that's when I really started liking Amy Farrah Fowler. As soon as Brak's mom gets the pictures up I'll share with you the hat Aaron and I got for Hayley. It's super cute. Ok, back to massive point accumulation.

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