Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dashboard Cam

No, I didn't get pulled over again. Ok, I have no idea where I mentioned the mass of creatures (or shared any pictures or videos), but I know I did at some point. Anyway, the population has grown a bit and I wanted to take a fresh video. So, here it is. And, as usual, please turn down your speakers. I had the radio going, but apparently my phone's mic only captures white noise....

Ta-da! Also, the EFT finally went through today so I put in the orders for all of my lovely Sanrio plates. And, you'll like this, there was no shipping cost for the one from Beautiful Scratchers (my #1 plate) so I was able to afford a third from the Hong Kong eBay seller. I decided on this one:

Peace plate. I was going to get the smiley one or the Halloween one, but Konad has a better (albeit more expensive) Halloween one and I really hope that the full nail design on this one comes through cleanly.

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