Sunday, January 15, 2012

Corn Hill, TX

It's been nearly two years since our last venture out into a "ghost town". Perhaps two years was too many. It was one thing to discover snazzy new ranches in Donahoe, yet another to be chased off by some nosey old man in Stringtown. Even though we did find what we were looking for in Nix, what we encountered at the former site of Corn Hill, TX was beyond disappointing. It bordered on depressing.

The old town of Corn Hill once laid along CR 313. According to mapquest I should have had to take a left to get onto 313, but that was not the case. As we drove past the new housing development (rivaling even those built up around here) Aaron noticed that we were, in fact, on 313. So we kept driving, expecting the houses to clear and the old to show it's face. It did not. We turned onto CR 3001, driving down old(er) farm roads, taking a few turns before finally deciding to drive back. The town of Jarrell is where the residents of Corn Hill moved to when the town went bust. We passed it on the way to wherever we were now, so we figured we'd check that out and take pictures of what little there was along 313 on the way. So these following pictures are on our way back to the highway.

CR 3001

Sharp turn onto CR 313

Some farms along 313

Not long before "progress" rears it's ugly head

Too many people....

Then, almost like a mini-miracle, Aaron's hawk vision came to the rescue. We may not have found much, but he did spy the cemetary mentioned on the ghost town site. Unfortunately the gates were all chained, but I did get a video so you can technically see the whole thing.

Historical Marker

Oldest looking tombstones from my distance

Video panning from left to right

We kept driving down whatever road the cemetary was on (312, I think?) and spotted this old building. I'm not sure if it is, but it looks like the John Shaver home/hotel building from the site.

Decrepit (possibly historical?) building

After a bit of maneuvering the access roads along the highway we managed to find the more-or-less unmarked Jarrell. The only indicators being a few signs on a few of the buildings. Aaron noticed those as well. I thought we were too far south yet; but, there we were. According to the site most folks just put their houses up on wheels and moved them along. We didn't notice anything that looked exceedingly old, but here are some things we did find before running into a sign pointing us to Florence.

Some sort of cement place

We saw a lot of cows

This building didn't make it

My favorite pic

Just some church in Jarrell

This house caught my attention

Curvy road and an outhouse

Following the sign for Florence we made our way out of Jarrell and headed back towards home. We could have easily just hopped back onto I-35 and gone straight to 195, but this was much better. I love these old Texas back roads. So even though the corpse of Corn Hill has been burned, buried and built on top of; we still had a nice Sunday drive in the country. And in some ways, that's kind of like living in the past. Right?

Last building we passed in Jarrell

Massive rock quarry

Aaron liked this old house

I wish we had money, because it's for sale

These were all taken with my old camera from a (mostly) moving vehicle. Except the cemetary ones. I tried to crop out my car and make them look pretty, but unfortunately there are some reflections on the windshield. I apologize for those. I hope you enjoyed them anyway.


  1. the reason you didn't see too many old buildings in Jarrell is because it got flattened by an F4 or F5 tornado awhile back...while we were in high school. I remember hearing on the news about how almost the whole town got flattened! I also remember the day cuz i had gone outside and everything looks orange. I goggled it and came across this:
    i didn't realize that day had so many tornados!

    1. LOL His mom just said the same thing! XD "You know that town was flattened, right?" No, we did not know that. :p Now we do.

  2. dude i remember that day pretty was weird. I know i was hanging out with Brandi over at her bf Roberts house and we had just gotten done watching this really twisted move...and we went outside and EVERYTHING was when you looked at your skin it was orangish. When we walked back over to Brandi's house, my parents had called and told me to stay the night there...the weather got real bad and there were tornado warnings. I remember thinking it was great cuz it was a school night! LOL then we heard about Jarrell the next day.


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