Monday, January 9, 2012

Cars and Games and Hair and Nails, Oh My!

I really had no idea what else to title this, so there you have it. Let's start at the "beginning" and work our way up. Despite the aforementioned glitches, I'm still really enjoying my Hello Kitty Wii game. Our town (Sanrio Town) now hosts the yearly Sanrio Day athletic event. Twice I've come in first, and once I came in second. That year I was beaten by My Melody so I wasn't too upset. Here's a picture of my avatar up on the first place pedestal.

Beat Badtz-Maru and Keroppi

Another thing I've been doing to keep myself occupied is trying on different hairstyles on Hopefully that will take you directly to the app; it can be a bit hard to find from the main page. It's fun to try on different styles and colors. Except most of the celebrities are blonde and that kind of.... makes the "dye" colors lighter than they should be. So I'm having a hard time matching my natural brown (should I decide to let that grow out as well), but it's still fun. See?

Not as crazy-looking as I thought

Now catching up to today. Monday. Had an 8am appointment at the Toyota dealership for that ECM recall. I was nervous and almost circled the block (like I did when I saw the dentist) to pep myself up. Instead I gave myself a quick "Don't be a pussy and get it over with" and pulled up to the big bay door marked "SERVICE". My thought was that there was going to be a parking area and a door clearly marked, but I was wrong. You just pull right into the bay area and a mechanic greets you. O.o Nice. He was already ready for me, even though I was 15 minutes early, and had me sit in the little reception area. He came in to let me know the part did not need replacing, but they were doing a complimentary inspection (which at that point was "almost done") and my drive belt needed replacing because it's "cracking". Okie dokie, good to know. So I got my car back, made a few quick stops and by the time I got home Aaron had pancakes and scrambled eggs all made and ready. Yay! I looked up "drive belt" and asked my dad if he thought we could do it ourselves and now we have a project scheduled for next time he's home. Save ourselves $130. Roughly.

After that Aaron and I went out in search of foodstuffs. IGA still had their meat deal going (5 $5 packages of meat for $20) so we got more meat and some lottery tickets. Then before HEB we went by the mall and got some pizza.

Telephone # removed for their protection

At HEB Aaron decided to pick up my birthday present which mom ordered but never came. Have you seen the commercials for this thingy?

As Seen on TV

You put the nail polish on the little disc with the design on it, scrape off the excess so you are left with a little in the design crevase, press the spongy stick thingy onto the design and then press the design onto your nail.

New tools of the trade

Sounds easy, right? Well, not as easy as the nail strips, but still pretty easy and reusable and you can use any color/image combinations! There is a bit of a learning curve. Not putting too much polish on the disc. Making sure you scrape straight and move the polish pool completely away from the design. Centering the image on the nail. It's going to take a bit of practice to get it to look "salon perfect", but for my first time I don't think I did too horribly.

Really need a better camera for close-ups

And it wasn't nearly as difficult to maneuver with my left hand as I expected. Just planted my right hand firmly on my thigh, made sure the stick was held firm against the edge of my nail and rooollllll and voila. I know it's hard to see, but I did two different flowers and a set of butterflies on alternating nails. To avoid monotony. I even did a flower and single butterfly (by only painting in the top butterfly and then scraping from the middle-towards-up so none got in the bottom one) on my right thumb. So far I have learned to keep a cotton ball handy to wipe off the scraper.

And, I guess that's it. So far the Salon Express gets a "thumbs up" from me. Now to do another load of dishes and hit the plumbing again. I wish we had clear pipes so I could see what's going on under there.

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