Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Call Me Mayo Head

According to the fabulous new google search bar (which will only search my blog, if you've been deterred by other sites that use the search bar and it searches the whole damn net) I did not, in fact, blog my experience with egg on my head. Hrm. Well, I did and it was not pleasant. In addition, I've always been afraid of putting mayo in my hair. I mean... It's freakin' mayo. If it's been in the frige for more than a week I'm afraid to use it. Leave it on my hair for an hour? Unrefridgerated?! I think not. Until I watched this video. I think it was her "normal person" demeanor (and her fabulous accent) that finally made me decide to go for it.

You may recall from previous experiments that I'm absolutely awful about the scientific method. That being said, I did sit here with mayo on my hair for a little over an hour. Enough time to watch Misfits and have dinner. :D *ahem* Anyway, the lady in the video says to just shampoo, but.... I can't do that. I possibly could have if my hair felt like hers when wet, but it did not. I used a moisterizing shampoo to wash it out and it still had that *blech* feeling. So I used some conditioner (white rain) and after my shower a few squirts of this Pantene Leave-In spray conditioner. Like I've been doing.

Despite the extra efforts I can say that so far I'm pleased. It's not 100% dry yet, but it does feel stronger and looks a lot shinier than normal. Then I made the mistake of trying to find some how-to videos to cut layers into my hair (once it grows a bit) and came across a slew of little emo girls and they're so young and pretty and I ended up depressing myself a bit.... Also, my stupid internet keeps disconnecting so I'm just gonna go ahead and post this and then kick the shit out of my router. Just had to share my mayo adventure.

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