Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Another Rescue

Ok, maybe "rescue" is a bit dramatic, but another good deed done. There's this dog that's been wandering around our street for a couple of months now. Today it was up by the mailbox when we pulled up. He's a friendly dog, though, so I had no worries about getting out to check the mail. I guess I should have been a little worried. I left my car door a bit open and the little bugger jumped right in the car! So we made the decision to figure out what was up with the little guy.

He does have a collar and unlike the previous pup he had a proper tag. His name is Johnny and right away we learned he lived right across the street. The busy street. The tag also contained two phone numbers. The first was answered on the fifth ring and promptly hung up. The second sent me to an answering service. Hrm. We brought him inside for a bit to give the owner(s) time to call back. Unfortunately with Jet in heat and him being very friendly we knew we should work on getting him back home soon.

So I took a trip to scope out the purported home of this dog. On my first pass I noticed a white piece of paper on the door. On the second pass I stopped and looked at the paper. No Soliciting. Well, I wasn't really a solicitor, was I? Naw. So I steeled myself and knocked. The guy was really mellow (and nice concidering) and claims he had no idea Johnny was getting across 440. So I told him I'd be right back with his dog, and so we were. I'm not overly worried since his tail was wagging, he was obviously well cared for (no injuries or even fleas) and he waltzed right in. The man thanked us and off we went.

I wish people would keep a better eye on their animal companions. It's not hard, really. How much effort does it take to stand outside for 5 minutes while your dog does his business? Whatever. At least now we know the story and know what to do if we see him around here again.

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