Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rainbow FAIL

In all fairness to myself, this fail was not really my fault. I did a good job and it looked really cool. Just there's something wrong with the polish. By the time the first top coat dried most of it had started to slide around. I really like this idea, though, and it really did look awesome before the... whatever happened happened.

You can see in the right hand's picture what I'm talking about. The french tips slid right down. I may be a spaz, but even on my worst day I can get the polish to the end of my nail. -_- Here's what I used, btw:

Then I was going to try and redo the Shatter-inspired polish and that didn't go well at all. I picked up a really pretty purple to match the blue and green I had used previously and "knew" worked for the water marble. This time I had no such luck. Had the green on (with basecoat), had my nails all taped up.... and it just would not spread. My biggest problem is not being able to get the polish to drip off of the brush. Which is just insane to me since I've had quite a few instances of polish dripping right onto my nail. Anyway, I just did a second coat of green and since I already had my goldest chrome (Gilded Pearl) set out I used that to do butterflies.

I do feel bad not using that new purple, but I want to try and keep this one on for a few days. I can do the purple next. With any luck by then it'll be time to use some of these pinks. Haven't tested the minis for water marble-ability yet, but I did get a quick dry pink that hopefully won't be too sheer. Ya know, in case the water marble plan doesn't work I can do the pink and just stamp red hearts all over the place. And since I really haven't had too many random pics piling up in my phone, here's one of Sonic at night.

We went to Jack In The Box and decided to eat in the parking lot. We happened to be facing Sonic. I didn't figure it would come out too clearly, and it didn't. *shrugs*

Last thing. I'm trying to figure out if there is some kind of point cap on GameHouse. Today I started with 9665 level points and ended up at 10,375. 710 seems like kind of an odd cap, so I'm wondering if the coins is capped? I'll test that tomorrow. If it's another weird, random looking number, then perhaps I just keep running into games that don't want to give up their points? That happened, but usually if I reload the game then the points come up. Hrm... just tried a different game and it gave me points... So weird. Anyway, have a good'un.

Monday, January 30, 2012

And Now For Something Completely Different

More or less. lol I just finished my nails, but I want to try and start cleaning up the sloppiness before taking pictures. Just... it's been a couple of days and I want to talk. And since practically nobody reads this (especially if I don't post the link) it doesn't really matter what I say. I could say your mother was a hamster and what would you do? Nothing, cuz you wouldn't know.

First, I guess, I'll start off with a little plan I have in mind. If I can get my brain to stay on track for a second. Ok, I've spent more than enough of our regular budget money on nail polish. I've really enjoyed doing my nails and so far it's kept my hair safe. But there are a couple things I'd like to do. So for that, I'm going to fall back on my free internet monies. I cashed in my inboxdollars.com balance so I should get a check from them in a week or so. I'll be taking that to Sally's and getting some of that China Glaze polish. If that still doesn't make the water marble work, then at the very least I'll be able to say I have some fancy expensive polish. *shrugs* I also want to get a little tub of Manic Panic red, because it's good for your hair and I'm not going to bleach it. Just go over the red I have. I also think I'm going to try and get some nail polish thinner. I picked up these super cute Runts polishes (they smell like candy when they dry), but they're really thick. So thick I think my right-pinky polish is sliding off.... Anyway, Part B of my plan is to take this gamehouse money (when I finally accumulate it) and get the "Bundle Monster" nail stamp plate set that this chick uses here. I love her Halloween idea and that's the best Halloween set I've seen.

Second, a little rant. Because these... I guess I'll just be diplomatic and call them "wives", are driving me nuts. I mean, seriously. The things some chicks do to a perfectly decent guy are downright criminal. Or, they should be. I don't even know where to start. First off, how can you spend thousands of dollars more than your husband makes? How is that even possible? Why withhold sex? Seriously? It's 2012, not 1950, and everybody knows women enjoy sex, too. You're only (ok, "also", whatever) hurting yourself and your body isn't going to be this young ever again. And, honestly, if you don't give it up then you're asking for trouble. Also, how can you stay at home all day and not have the house clean? "We've got X amount of kids". Your point? A few years back I was watching 4 kids for upwards of 10 hours a day and I always left the house cleaner than when I showed up. If your husband is off busting his ass at work all day and you're "at home with the kids" then you need to make the time so he can relax. Maybe it's me? Maybe I'm the reason this pisses me off so bad, but I was raised in a good family. My mom may not have been the best housekeeper, but that's what kids are for. I cleaned what she was too busy to. My parents were (and are) always affectionate towards each other. Because sometimes saying you love someone isn't enough. (and, ya know, that other bit about asking for trouble. I came up with that out of my own common freakin' sense) Call me old fashioned, but if one partner (of any gender) is off at work making the money so that you have a house and food and clothes, then it's the other partner's "job" to take care of that house. Selfish, lazy, ignorant bitches just drive me crazy!!

*phew* Ok, I feel a little better now. Not 100% because this nail polish is... just doing weird things.... Maybe another layer of top coat will lock it in place. *shrugs* Gonna be a pain to take off later. *ugh* My stupid middle finger on my right hand is actually crooked from all those years of gripping my pens/pencils too tight. Rediculous. I guess that's really all I had to say. Next time I'll have a picture of this weird, sliding polish. If it lasts long enough. :/ It really is the darndest thing.....

Saturday, January 28, 2012


So, it turns out I won't be getting the Sanrio plate that I really want until Summer. That sucks. I tried to satisfy myself with a bit of creativity and soon re-discovered that I truly am more of an art appreciator than an artist. After my mild success with the full nail design I had kind of an idea for that particular design. Aaron mentioned it looked kind of like stained glass. I put it together that he has a character made of stained glass and wanted to do a sort of homage. Ya know, since the other nails I did for him didn't turn out so well. Before I start getting ahead of myself, here's the character that inspired me:

Cool, huh? I told Aaron my idea and he really liked it. So much that we made a trip out to Walmart so he could pick out the right colors and he even grabbed a paint palette so I could do some testing before I got started. I wanted to make sure it came out right so I did a lot of testing.

By the time I was done I was pretty sure I'd be able to pull it off exactly as I imagined. Well, almost. I wanted to do a water marble, but the sheer sparkly polishes were doing weird things in the water. I figured a different way to do the colors and got started. I wasn't going to use the base coat initially, but after taking off the last polish I kinda felt like my nails were looking a little better. At least better than I expected for blasting it with polish remover several days in a row. So base coat it was to start.

I was hoping to only need one coat of white, but it's hard to get white cleanly over base coat for some reason. Possibly because my nails aren't exactly smooth. Kind of ridgey? It's not uncommon. That's why they sell buffers! Don't judge me. Anyway, two coats of white.

At this point I was going to do a pearly white over this white, but my testing showed it made everything kind of grey looking. So I skipped that and went on to alternating blocks of the green, blue and purple. Even though I had to get dressed and head out shortly after the first coat, I thought I was still doing pretty well.

I did two coats of the blue and purple and a third of the green because it was a bit more sheer. Then I went over that with the holographic polish I picked up to give it a little more depth.

Then I ran into a little bit of a problem. Even though the tests went well with the black, it ended up being a bit too gummy for such a big design. So I had to revert back to the darkest chrome I have (after also trying another almost-black polish that was also too gummy), the "purple" sapphire. This actually wouldn't have been too bad, except I had a bit of a problem. I didn't want to press too hard, so some of the nails didn't get all of the design. Still, Aaron liked it....

....until I had a super spaz moment and totally demolished both of my thumbs while changing the kitchen trashbag. Even though the topcoat was completely dry there was so much going on underneath it all just smooshed right off. I'll never understand that. The white, at least, was 100% dry because I did that before bed and when I woke up it was completely smooth. That didn't matter. Even the white was smooshy. At least it made removal easier. Now my nails are naked for the time being. I'm a bit.... disillusioned? Disheartened, at least. Perhaps it's not a totally bad thing that I have to wait until summer for my grand Sanrio plan.

Friday, January 27, 2012

Feminine Nails

Yes, I'm still on about my nails. As soon as I have something different to talk about, I will. Until then, come sit and join me. Or don't. According to my little visitor tracker the only people joining me are from random search engines anyway, and only when I mention Hello Kitty. So I'm pretty much talking to myself again. Doesn't matter, talk I shall! And when you return, I'll still be here. Now.... what was I talking about? Oh yes, my pretty nails. After the past couple of sets I decided I wanted something more on the feminine side. Hopefully I've learned my lesson about rushing to do my nails before bed. I'm so freakin' mad at myself because this came out exactly the way I pictured in my head except I was in a rush and ended up smudging and smearing all over the place. But the design and colors were so solid. *sigh*

Yes, I'm aware that crapiness is going to be my thumbnail on facebook. That's okay because I've started a nail album there and in a couple of days (if I remember) these next ones will be going there, too. It's not quite what I wanted, but I'd been wanting to use this necklace-looking stamp for a while, and I think that part came out really nice. Just instead of using two coats of this beige under my sparkly pink I used what should have been a pinkish metallic (because they dry so quickly) but ended up being more.... taupe-ish? So putting the pink over it turned it into more of a lilac than a pink, but it's still feminine enough.

I know it's not perfect, but better than last night's fiasco. I also picked up a holographic (supposedly) top coat from HEB. essence brand, if you're interested. I have.... Kind of an idea for it. I just need to work out how exactly I'm going to execute my idea. It's another one kind of for Aaron and I want it to turn out better than the last time I tried to pull off an idea for him.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Dashboard Cam

No, I didn't get pulled over again. Ok, I have no idea where I mentioned the mass of creatures (or shared any pictures or videos), but I know I did at some point. Anyway, the population has grown a bit and I wanted to take a fresh video. So, here it is. And, as usual, please turn down your speakers. I had the radio going, but apparently my phone's mic only captures white noise....

Ta-da! Also, the EFT finally went through today so I put in the orders for all of my lovely Sanrio plates. And, you'll like this, there was no shipping cost for the one from Beautiful Scratchers (my #1 plate) so I was able to afford a third from the Hong Kong eBay seller. I decided on this one:

Peace plate. I was going to get the smiley one or the Halloween one, but Konad has a better (albeit more expensive) Halloween one and I really hope that the full nail design on this one comes through cleanly.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Full Stamp Design

First, let's come up with a mantra: "I will not become OCD about my nails, I will not become OCD about my nails, I will NOT become OCD about my nails." *deep breath* and now I feel better. I'm really not trying to, just this stamper thingy is so freakin' awesome and if I can even halfway pull off the idea I have for when I get my Sanrio plate.... man, you're gonna love it.

Until then, I wanted to test out the "full nail design"... thingy. Images. One of them, anyway. Some of them, I have noticed, are a little smaller than others, so I went through and picked about 5 of the bigger (and cooler) ones, then narrowed it down to two and had two polish colors picked out for each.... Two polishes, one for each. I already had this wicked cool purple-to-green polish as my base. I let Aaron decide which of the two he wanted to see and he decided on this one:

Silver kind of art deco lookin'. The one he didn't pick was orange (because I like contrasting secondary colors bar none) animal print. This was mostly to test out the full-nail and I think I did pretty well. I have some blank spots on my right nails, but that's more to do with my spazzy left hand. My right hand did a pretty good job, I think. I'm not going to top-coat this. I had the hardest time getting the Kitties off. Also, I tried to take a picture and it just didn't show, but something in those mass of layers started cracking! O_o I know. Weird. This is just two layers of the purple-to-green (essence color & go "Where Is The Party?" if you must know. lol) While I'm on that, it's called "color & go" because it's supposed to be super fast drying, and it is. And it was 99cents at HEB so even though it's a small bottle, it's still a good deal. I did use my cuticle pen thingy.

Last little tidbit, if you recall the reason for my no polish dealy was because my nails are, when they're not polish-stained, kinda yellow. Apparently polish does this, as I suspected back then, and a base coat is supposed to help protect your nails from yellowing and make the polish stick better. Fancy. I've been looking around and finally found one under $4. LA Colors hardening base coat at Walmart for 99cents. Much happier price for Lizzy. It's supposed to help with splitting and stuff too, so we'll see. I'm still not super likely to go wandering around with naked nails (it's just not my style), but healthier nails make for prettier paint jobs. Debating if I want to start up a photoalbum on facebook or my website for my nail arts.... would that be OCD?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dream Reflection + Odds & Ends

This one may be a bit long and rambly, but there's a couple of things I want to cover while I'm thinking about them. The first, I suppose, is the dream I had last night. I'm sure I've mentioned that I don't generally have symbolic dreams, but this double-reflection has been haunting my thoughts most of the day. When I was a child I sought out mirrors in my dreams, hoping I could use them as a portal. This... this is something different, I think. I've got this:

"To see your reflection in your dream represents your true self; it is time to look within. The reflection may highlight both your flaws and positive attributes. Learn from your flaws and how to improve them. At the same time, appreciate your good qualities. Alternatively, your reflection indicates how you want others to perceive you.
If you see a strange figure or something other than your own reflection, then it suggests that you are undergoing some identity crisis. You are not sure about who you are anymore."

and this:

"To see your own double in your dream suggests that you are attempting to recapture the past and the good old times. Alternatively, the dream may indicate that you are needlessly working twice as hard or doing double duty."

I really don't know what to make of that. If anybody reading this has any ideas, I'm all ears. And just so it doesn't go without saying: I do not have MPD. As far as I know.

Now, I guess, some other tidbits. As promised (eluded to?), here is my nail polish box:

I haven't counted them, so I don't know how many I have. That is mostly two layers deep. My nail stamping kit is in the nifty HK bag. Still loving my current nails and still waiting for the funds to transfer to my paypal already....

In the meantime, I've had a bit of time to kill. Between cleaning and dishes and all those real-life thingies that take up my time. So, what have I been doing in my free time? Well.... I've been trying to make money on the internets, that's what. Sort of. I mentioned accumulating points over on GameHouse, but that's only part of it. Because, you see, I've developed a system. (I also have several other sites, but those are more on their schedule, this one I can do all day if I choose to) I load up GameHouse and do the normal stuff (logging in for daily points, loading up the facebook games for 100 points and downloading the daily free game for more points), then I load up Colette's Blog. Overall I really enjoy going through her archive. So in one tab I have blog, in the other I have GameHouse. I'll read an archive post, then pop over to GameHouse and load up one of their online games. I get 10 Level points and 10 coins every time I load up an online game, even if I don't actually play it. What? Yes! So by going back and forth I'm making upwards of 500+ coins on GameHouse and steadily making my way through a whole other person's blog. I know, amazing.

"But Lizzy," you may ask. "What do you do while you're waiting for that game to load up?" Oh you know me so well. I do wait for the game to load so I can be sure I get the points. I fill that time-void either doing my nails (cleaning, filing, painting, whatever) or, since it's dry, cold, winter, I've been trying out this lotion I got from Ricky.

It's nice. Not greasy, smells pretty, absorbs quickly. My poor feet are still a bit rough, but then I haven't tried out the new pumice stone I got either. Since I've been practicing the proper distance for macro-shots, I thought I'd also share what's been making my hair so soft:

After I totally killed it with bleach I was using Pantene 2-in-1 and a Pantene conditioner. This came free with one of the coupons. I haven't been able to afford Pantene lately (yay Suave! and White Rain! LOL), but then I realized I still had that sitting up on the bathroom counter and decided to give it a shot. It's really nice. I'm sure getting the super-fried ends chopped off helped a bit, but this has made a definite difference.

I'm working my way up to a sneak peak of a big project I'm working on (Brak knows, hehehe), but I'm only about halfway there. Just hang around. In two weeks you'll be so surprised. Perhaps. In the meantime, here's a giggle my dad left me in my inbox this morning.

I think that's when I really started liking Amy Farrah Fowler. As soon as Brak's mom gets the pictures up I'll share with you the hat Aaron and I got for Hayley. It's super cute. Ok, back to massive point accumulation.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Hello Kitty Nails!

Now, I'd like to start at the beginning and work sequentially, but facebook only randomly lets me pick a thumbnail and I'd rather that not be my nasty-ass thumbnail... You'll see. So, for the sake of "only my readers can see the depths" I'll be starting out with the finished product and then showing you how I got there. Kosher? Good, let's get started.

Hello Kitty!

This looks much better than my previous Kitty stamping. I wanted to do a rainbow of pink kitties, but 3 of the 5 colors I chose wouldn't stand out on the silver (titanium) background. Oh well, I like this sapphire color anyway. Now, to backtrack a bit and go back to the beginning.

I mentioned previously that after the water marble my nails were stained. Well, here ya go. The pictures I did not want as the thumbnail for the world to see:

Left Hand

Right Hand

Awful, right? It'll go away eventually. I just can't believe my beloved green betrayed me! Looks like I have a bad case of nail fungus.... I swear I don't. And they seem to be in at least the same shape they were during my no polish adventure. So, yay! I didn't kill my nails in the same way I did my hair. I'm getting a little sidetracked. Colette recommends Biotin for nail strength, but my splurges are mounting. At HEB I noticed this:

Cuticle Pen

It's e.l.f. so it was only 99cents and it's got oils and vitamins. I put it in my nail polish box (which I might put up a picture one of these days) so I'll remember to use it whenever I take off my polish. I don't buy the "best" remover so... ya know, it couldn't hurt to try.

I mentioned on facebook that my mom found the Box O' Chrome polishes. I love these polishes and I wish Sally Hansen still made them. They're super shiny, great in one coat (better in two) and dry super fast. Alas, limited edition collection. But we have about 20 of them and they're still in great shape and they work fantastically for stamping. My original idea was a pink background with the rainbow kitties. After going through the chromes I settled on the whitest silver. Titanium Chrome.

Shiny :D

Then I used the Sapphire Chrome for the stamps. Because, as I said, some of the different pinks I picked just wouldn't show up. One less-than-stellar stamp per hand I might have been able to overlook, but two right next to each other.... No. I mean, I'm going to be looking at these all the time. So I polished a third coat of the Titanium and reached for the Sapphire. Lovely purple, my mom's favorite so I'm surprised there's any left. Luckily there is because I really like how this came out. Then, after some debate I went over it with my Hello Kitty glitter polish. Aaron got this for me in a HK nail sticker kit. So, for those of you who saw me mention it, no I wasn't being dramatic, HK glitter polish:

More Kitty!

I know, I know, you can't really see the glitter. Probably go over it one more time. That's my biggest gripe with glitter polishes, and the main reason I don't really buy them anymore. The glitter is no where near as dense on the nail as it looks in the bottle. Ah well. I didn't buy this one and I lurves it anyways. And I LURVES how my nails look.

Two more things before I stop rambling: Aaron spotted a bag of five Wet & Wild polishes for $4 with Valentine's Day colors. I was wanting to revisit the water marble, hoping I can do something nice for V-Day. These are fresh and the same brand so *fingers crossed* I can get it to work. I'll be doing a white-ish base next time. Second; I put in the transfer to my paypal account so just as soon as that goes through (3-5 business days) I'll be ordering up those last few Sanrio plates. Then the real fun begins. I already have an amazing idea stuck in my head and I seriously hope I can pull it off. My stamping skillz are getting better (notice both the pinky-flower and extra thumb-chain are even!... mostly), I just hope I'm not being too ambitious.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Quite A Scare

Here I thought I was going to have nothing to talk about. Yet at about 6:30pm I was given almost a gift. The gift of a story wrapped in a near heart attack.

So, all in all I'm a good girl. I stay out of trouble. In my 31 years I've only had two run-ins with the police. Twice let off with a warning. I'm also a very safe driver, even when flying down the highway I'm courteous of other drivers and keep my eyeballs open for the fuzz. Which is one reason why today's incident came as such a shock.

I have two theories as to why I was pulled over. Theory 1: Mistaken Identity. Mr. Cop said I was going 43 in a 30, but I had just pulled out onto the street and hadn't even reached 20mph yet. Theory 2: Mr. Cop wanted a closer look at my boobs. Even though I wasn't wearing a cleavage-bearing top. Hrm. Regardless of the actual reason for my being pulled over, it came as a complete and total surprise to me. So much so that when he asked if I knew why I was being pulled over I answered with sincere confusion "No". Which is when he told me the "reason", said he was going to give me a warning, then asked for my liscense and insurance. Is that odd? It seemed odd.

So we're sitting there waiting and waiting and I knew nothing was going to come up so it was really more embarassing than anything. I'm surprised he didn't say anything about the multitude of creatures that have accumulated on my dashboard. Just told me to drive safe and sent me on my way. Still... maybe I'm paranoid, but it is a little unsettling. Of course I can't quite pinpoint what I think might happen (paranoia), but then I'm reminded of a quote I saw once. "God" will always punish us for those things which we can't imagine.

That was definitely not the end I expected for this otherwise unremarkable weekend. And here I was feeling pretty good after cresting 10,000coins(points) on GameHouse. Huh? What does that mean? It means I can either get a free game now or keep earning points. 40,000 more points nets me a $25 amazon gift card. And you know how much I love free money.

I've also gotten the green light on some Sanrio plates. I just have to make a deposit tomorrow and then (not as easy as amazon) transfer some funds into my paypal and before you know it I'll have these beauties shipped right to me:

My Favorite Must-Have

I like the bows & moons & stuff

Squirrel and Bunny not on 1st plate

The top one is, obviously, #1 on my list. The second two are from an eBay seller in Hong Kong who has some seriously kawaii plates. Depending on how much shipping is for the first one (guy in Hong Kong does free shipping!) I may treat myself to a third plate from his collection. Then, seriously, no more internet shopping. Until I get some free internet money. *click~click~click* hehehehe

Saturday, January 21, 2012

PC Work

No, not adding stuff to Frankenputer. Just cleaning up the insides. After someone thought that a facebook app was a virus (even though I didn't notice anything amiss) I did a malwarebytes scan which came up clean. Then I decided to update my CCleaner and it's got some new features. One that interests me, but takes forever, is the drive wipe option. I think I'll be doing that next. After I get a few more things cleaned up. Especially after I tried Piriform's Defraggler. It's a defragmenting tool that seems to be a lot more thorough than the one that comes with windows. And (especially if you're running Vista or 7 where there is no visual) it's kind of fun to watch. Well... for me it is. I like the flashing colored blocks. So even though I don't have any appreciable problems, I think it's just time for scans and such. Especially since I've been spending so much time tracking down super cool Sanrio nail plates that I can't afford. Yet. I will be getting that one I linked to the other day, at the very least. According to that blog there's an eBay seller from Hong Kong who has a variety of Sanrio plates which I will be checking out at some point.

I do have a super cool idea for my nails (and my Hello Kitty design) for the next time I do my nails. For now, though, I'm going to give Aaron a break from the smell of acetone and just leave them how they are for a bit. After removing the extra kitty faces I had some unsightly white streaks so I just removed the whole job and did kind of the same thing.

It's a different french tip. Can you see the beige swirls through it? They're a little smudged, but I'm ok with it. The big problem I've been having with the french tip stamps is getting them on straight. They usually end up kind of crooked and I have to use a q-tip to straighten it out. Practice practice practice, I guess. After my Kitty manicure I'm going to attempt one of the full-nail designs. See how well I do with that. Possibly try and find one that won't be as noticeable if I don't get it 100% straight. Just in case.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Park Day and Kitty Plate

First, let me apologize for the clarity in some of the pictures. Apparently I'm still trying to figure out the right distance for macro mode. Hopefully you can see anyway.

Despite this morning's chill today ended up being an absolutely beautiful day. 80 degrees around 3pm and not nearly as windy as it has been. One of the things we wish we had done more with Elvis was taking him out walking, and since we have a pet friendly park nearby now we promised Jet that as soon as it was nice enough we'd take her walking. (again, we've taken her before lol) Elvis did not like car trips very much. He usually got sick even if we weren't going very far. Jet, on the other hand, loves riding in the car.

Sitting Pretty

Even though the excitement of the trip wore her out a little, that didn't stop her from taking off like a shot as soon as we got to the park. She loves it there and was such a good girl when we passed children. Other dogs.... not as much. She especially likes big dogs.

Puppy In Motion

Two full laps around and we were all huffing and puffing and ready to go home. Had a couple of stops to make first. First to Little Ceasar's for dinner (Hot & Ready and Italian cheesy bread YUM!), gas station and the mailbox. As expected my Hello Kitty stamping plate came in today. This order came with a little added bonus. Those are little metal butterflies and Kitty heads. Definitely going to have to come up with a good idea for them.

Can't Resist Sanrio

Here's where my novice-macro skillz come into question. The plate works great, just after stuffing myself with pizza I guess my hands weren't as steady as they could have been. I think my right hand actually turned out better than my left this time.

Left Hand

Right Hand

I probably could have just done Kitty on my thumbs and the little flowers on my pinkies and it would be nice. I haven't top coated them, so I can still change my mind. I just mostly wanted to see how well it stamped since some people really just have the biggest problems with generic (non-Konad brand) plates. Here, for your scrutiny, is the clearest picture.


Sometime yesterday afternoon I got to thinking "I wonder if there are plates with other Sanrio characters?" Ya know, because Keroppi and My Melody are my favorites. After a bit of searching I found this blog which was kind enough to link to a site that sells a plate full of Sanrio! I do suggest you check that link out for two reasons: 1- It has a very nice picture of the plate. 2- I like the design she pulled off on her nails. I don't like the shape of her nails as much (I really don't like flat tips either, I like a gentle curve) or how much space is between the polish and cuticle. I mean, that's just my opinion, but I like full nail coverage otherwise it just looks like you've been wearing fake nails for too long and need 'em filled. I must say, though, her stamping skills are impeccable and I'm totally jealous.

One last little treat. Not sure how amusing you'll find it, but here it is anyway. I've been reading Stephen King's new(?) book (11/22/63, thanks Dave!!) and the main character is in Texas to stop Oswald from assassinating JFK. Where else would he end up from time to time....

Hope this isn't copyright infringement

but Killeen, TX. (yes, I'll admit this once, that's where I am. "near Austin" is code for Killeen. No one wants to admit being here because it's a shithole) On a number of occassions for a couple of different reasons. But I'll not be giving anything away. As expected it's a fascinating book, but I can't really recommend it until I've finished it. King has never disappointed me on an ending before (and as many of his books as I've read that's saying a lot), but.... you never know, right? Anybody who had the displeasure of encountering me after I watched that angel movie with Meg Ryan knows what a bad ending can do to an otherwise good story for me. I'd rather read or watch something moderately crappy throughout than enjoy something and be shorted with a bad ending.

*ahem* Anyway, that seems to be it for today. Yes, more nail stuff. Count yourself lucky. I was going to rant today. *winks*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Hair And Nail Joy

Yes, two in one day again. Apologies, but I didn't expect things to turn out the way they did today. Otherwise I would have waited. I guess even after things don't turn out so well sometimes a day can turn around and surprise you.... or.... me, in this case.

Let's start with my first (shareable) warm fuzzy. My hair. This, I think, is the biggest actual shock. As my nearest and dearest know my hair is one of my own greatest enemies. Recently I've also mentioned youtube-ing some hair stuff (emo girls), but what I may not have mentioned was one that I tried. No, not the mayo one. The other one. I started out looking for tips on growing hair long. So when I came across a video of a girl using a razor to layer her hair ("don't use razors, they'll damage the cuticles") I sort of dismissed it. Then I figured "why not?". I didn't notice much difference until I straightened my hair last night then woke up this morning to this lovely:

Razor Layers!

If you can't see them just let your eyes follow the arrow line. Also, even after re-dying my hair last night (I wanted to wait until February, but Aaron insisted) my hair is soft again! :D I'll credit a combination of the mayo and the super conditioners they include with the hair dye kits.

My second warm fuzzy is, obviously, my nails. After removing the red and silver I was left with stains. More than I expected. Green and red. The other day at Dollar Tree I picked up some beige colored Max Factor and three coats took care of that. And it's a really nice, subtle shade after all of the color craziness. I would have been happy to leave them normal, but I was even happier that my jumbo set of 25 plates came today. Then came decision time. I didn't want to do too much to my fingernails with Hello Kitty on her way, so I chose a neat little french-tippy design. But I also couldn't resist the scorpion.

My Chosen Plates

I still wanted to keep them somewhat subdued so I chose white for the tips. For three reasons. 1. Subdued, duh. 2. Not many colors really go with beige. 3. That's what they use for french tips anyway.

Before Top Coat

After Top Coat

Once Kitty Comes in I can just stamp her pretty face anywhere under the design. Or over. I'll see how big it is. What about the scorpion? This is actually a fairly big design so there was only one appropriate place to put it.

Facing Each Other

I have to say for mass produced generic plates I'm very pleasantly surprised at how well these worked. I was a bit worried because so many people were complaining about the designs not being etched deeply enough and smudging and blah~blah~blah. I didn't have any problems.

Oh! And I guess I fibbed a bit. My first (shareable) fuzzy came in my dream last night. Not only were there words I could read, but they were in German! I'm ecstatic about that. So even though I have a ton of cleaning to do tomorrow, I've had a very good day today. Fantastic. Even had a good meatloaf (which I normally do not like) thanks to Aaron's skills in the kitchen.

New Cam For New Nails

I *heart* package tracking. Was sitting here about 6pm yesterday checking on my amazon orders and attempting a water marble for Aaron. According to the tracker my new (to me) camera should be sitting in the mailbox. So, sweetheart that he is, Aaron walked up in the cold and wind to go retrieve it for me. It was just like I expected. Just the camera and the cord. So my first order of business was to turn it on and see what all the buttons do. Being unable to figure out how to switch to "macro" setting I then searched the internets for a manual. Which I found. So now I can bring you near crystal clear pictures like this:

Left Hand

and this:

Right Hand

So it's not the best paint job. I'm still encountering many frustrtaions with the water marble technique, but the detail in the pictures is great, right? Back to the "I *heart* tracking" opener: My set of 25 plates should be in today! I should have known the Kitty one would be the last to arrive.

While I was trying to do this red/black/silver marble for Aaron I was also searching the internets for tips. Any kind of help at all. I tried a smaller cup and that didn't help. I tried adding a couple drops of polish remover to the water, ditto. I've noticed a lot of people use "China Glaze" brand polish, but I just couldn't feel good about myself spending $6 a bottle normally. Forget about dropping it into water and wasting so much of it. I'll just have to keep trying and experimenting and if I never get it... then I'll never get it. I'll just concentrate on mastering the stamper.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Last (of this) Water Marble

Ok, last two bits about this particular nail polish. I swear. Sandy and I got to talking on facebook this morning and she found this post on Colette's blog. I thought it was a really neat idea. I have stickers! And it would be the perfect chance to try out the vaseline idea with the brush I just picked up. I think there is also going to be a bit of a learning curve for this technique as well. I chose one of the medium-sized flowers off of my Hello Kitty sheet. The design itself wasn't really defined, so I cut around the actual flower to tidy it up a bit.... Didn't really help and didn't quite come out looking the way I pictured in my head.

It does give me a pretty neat idea for Valentine's day, though. If I can find a good heart sticker. I did get a little surprise bonus. I picked up some top coat (didn't realize I didn't have any) and I don't know if you'll be able to see as well in the picture, but it really brings the marble effect together. Like the polish was meant to look that way instead of forced to look that way. If that makes any sense.

Can you see it? It's almost like marble. I'm wondering if I can do the top coat over, like, a sheer and then stamp on top of it and make it look like the stamp is floating. Maybe not, but I'll give it a shot. I also picked up some regular bottled water to try that for my next marble attempt. Whenever that is. Since I went and top coated this one I'll be keeping it until I get my Kitty Plate. Which just made it's way to New Hampshire. And I'm doing that over a solid color so it'll be a bit before I marble again.

Yes, I realize I'm obsessively blogging about my stupid nails. No worries. I'm sure I'll move on to something else soon enough.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Water Marble Revisited

Two posts in one day?! I know! I try not to do that, but I wanted to go ahead and get this up while I'm thinking about it. If you remember, I just water marbled my nails yesterday with mixed results. Three of the fingers on my left hand were horribly smudged and I was afraid I'd have to re-do my nails a lot sooner than I want to. Ya know, concidering the length/difficulty of the process and the sheer amount of polish involved in creating this effect. Well, here's the previous pic:

After I posted up my Corn Hill blog I was sitting here reading through the archive over at My Simple Little Pleasures and started thinking about that vaseline idea. I have vaseline. Somewhere. So once I found that I realized what I had to do.

I started out by using a q-tip to take off the marble effect on the three offenders. Then I just polished over another layer of the green to smooth everything out. Once that was dry I gooped up my fingers with the vaseline and this time the marbleing came out much much better. After allowing the polish to dry for a little bit I just used this pointy little tool thingy to scrape off the vaseline and this is what I was left with:

I know it looks a little crappy, but I also wanted to show how well the vaseline worked. That there is the extend of my remover-needed cleanup. I don't really have to show you what it looks like after that extra bit is cleaned up do I? Oh fine....

Happy? Good. I got a small "concealer" brush to do my eyeliner (since I just use a dark eyeshadow, haven't used a pencil or liquid in ages) and I think I may get one for vaseline application. If I can get it right up around my nail edge I might even have an easier cleanup after just painting. And less to clean up after marbeling. As it is just using my finger to spread the stuff didn't work out too poorly.

In conclusion: Even though my two fingers don't have as much white as the rest of my nails, and even though my thumb ended up with a couple of bubbles, I'm very happy with them now. No having to remove it all and starting over with something different. :D The only nail-related downside to the last couple of days is a post I read on nail polish thinner. I'm absolutely kicking myself over the many bottles I've thrown away over the years.....