Friday, December 2, 2011

What Time Is It?

  It's been a while since I've last blogged.  Been a while since I've last had anything to blog about.  Also, I've been in kind of a funk lately.  Little things are starting to get to me again and.... I'd rather just sit in my little hole concentrating on.... I don't even know.  It's that funky.  We've been hanging out with one of Aaron's friends from school.  I guess he's kind of my friend now.  That's been fun.  Just feeling all disconnected again.  I guess.

  Anyway, today we had a sort of mini-adventure.  He got a call from his dad who mentioned the new HEB that opened up in Belton.  Lacking anything else better to do we decided to go check it out.  It's really nice!  All bright and open and fresh.  The aisles are so wide!  It still feels like an HEB, though, which is good.  We picked up our dinner (Steak-Ums for sandwiches and steak fries) and some food for the animals.  While we were on our way to the registers we noticed they had Whitmas on sale for half off!  Whitmans!  So he picked up one for me.  I'm going to have to really control myself so I don't end up any fatter after the Thanksgiving pounds have settled in....

  After that we decided to swing by the Temple Mall.  It's not too far away and even though it's smaller than our mall it's a lot nicer.  Quieter and without quite so many obnoxious kiosks blocking up the path.  We walked a lap, tried to win a My Melody out of a claw machine and made our way to the food court.  We ate pizza.  In the Temple Mall.  Adventure!  ......  We've never sat to eat at the Temple Mall before.  Usually when we were up there it was because he was in the hospital and not being comfortable eating in public we just wouldn't.  We had pizza.  It was pretty good with a nice thin, crispy crust.

  Then we came back home.  Adventure over.  I could have a taste bud adventure, but I think I'll save that for a later date.  My mom went to the commissary and picked up two more of those ramune sodas for me.

  Strawberry (I assume) Hello Kitty and.... one with a picture of a whale on it.  I hope it's not whale flavored.  Kelp I could probably handle, but whale?  *shrugs*  I'll find out eventually.  Next time I feel like having a soda.  Now I think I'm going to go through that massive list of J-Horror films on my amazon wishlist and see which ones I can find to download.  Then probably clean while they're downloading.  Then maybe one day I'll even watch them. 

  Don't worry.  I won't make you wait a whole week for another blog.  I had a ton of pictures stuck in my phone from the last month.  I'll post those up.... probably tomorrow.


  1. what do you suppose a hello kitty would taste like? crayons? sunshine?

  2. Well, the last one was just a regular Hello Kitty and it tasted kind of fruity. Not quite fruit punch, but sorta almost. I'm guessing since this one has strawberries in her hair it probably just tastes like strawberries.


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