Saturday, December 31, 2011

So Long 2011

I really didn't feel like typing anything, but then I kinda felt like I should, so here I am. Typing. 2011 was an ok year, I suppose. Ups and downs like any other year. Aaron finally regained the ability to eat normally and we lost Elvis. *sigh* We lost some "friends" but found others. And we got Saleen and he's more or less patched up the relationship with his dad. So I guess overall it was pretty good, minus the Elvis part. :( 2012 is another one of those "big" years. Growing up 1999 seemed so far away (thanks to that Prince song making it so prevalent) that I never figured I'd see it. 2012 is another one of those because of that Mayan calendar. December 21st. We'll see, I guess. Of course it would be stupid to live as though the world is going to end. Best to prepare for the future in the event that we do have one. So here's to a healthy, prosperous and satisfying new year.

What? Oh, you're wondering if I have any resolutions or goals for the coming 12 months. Well.... I dunno. There are a few things that would be nice if they happened, but so many are beyond my own control. Maybe I'll make monthly goals. Whatever I decide, I do plan on blogging still so you'll find out here. Happy 2012 everybody!

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