Thursday, December 15, 2011

So Delicious

Yep, another Emily blog. This one has a bit of a twist for you (and I don't have a lot else going on) so just bear with me a bit, please? Thank you so much. As I mentioned before, this was the first Delicious game I ever played. I enjoyed it back then, and I dare say I enjoyed it even more this time. You know, having the background story. When my mom plays she just skips through the story... I don't understand why. It's not overly complicated or intrusive. Anyway, I also mentioned wondering if my experience in this series had served to make me better this second time around. I'm pleased to say that it has. Not only did I fly through it, I did so quite easily. I could play it on "expert" mode, but one of the things I like about Emily is that she's challanging, but still easy to play. Unlike Diner Dash which is a similar game, but far more frantic. I never did beat that one.... Anyway, here's the completed trophy screen:

I'm a bit saddened it doesn't have my name on it like the previous ones did. Ah well. The rediculous trophy in this game is that panda one. You have to walk... several thousand miles. Which is easily accomplished by walking back and forth from one end of the screen to the other in between your other tasks. It is rediculous because even while doing this continually it still took me about 80% of the game to do. Which is better than having to replay levels over and over and over and over again anyway. Next Stop: Finishing 'Holiday Season'! Yay! And now a little treat for you. I video-captured the fireworks display! Yep, they're not fireworks trophies for no reason. I'm sorry it's so choppy. I increased the frame-rate to max and that's still the best it would give me. Hope you enjoy it anyway.

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