Sunday, December 18, 2011


It's been a long weekend. Aaron picked up a stomach bug and was sick all day Friday. He gave it to me and I was sick all day yesterday. It was awful, but he took good care of me. Spent most of yesterday on the couch (mostly sleeping) and in the bathroom. Certainly not fun. It hurt just sitting here. Hopefully it won't affect my waking up early too poorly. Wednesday is coming up quickly and I'll need to be up super early for that. Then, soon after, I should be heading to Dallas to pick up my dad for his Christmas vacation. And then, finally, Christmas will be over. I'm hoping that all of this insane extra traffic is because of the holiday season.

Speaking of Holiday Season, I did finish that game. Just now there are 4 trophies I'm trying to get. Again, if I were prone to having to replay levels I'd have them already. Still, I've come this far. I checked Childhood Memories and there is still one trophy I have to get for that before I can call it complete, and I'm sure there is one or two in True Love. So that will give me something to do in my downtime. At the moment, though, I'm going to take a small break (redoing all those levels is kind of monotonous) and post up some more entries into my dream blog before continuing.

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