Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mental Preparations

Call me nutty, but I like to be somewhat prepared when I'm going into something. I do not like surprises, because they generally don't work out well for me. I'm not good on the spot. Which led to today's research. What can I expect next Wednesday when I have two of the teeth wrenched out of my skull? Here's what I've uncovered that I will now compile and share with you. Why? Well, that's what I do. Some questions are hard to get answers to either because people don't ask or because everyone assumes everyone else already knows the answer. You know how I hate that.... anyway, on with my revelations.

My first point of order was finding some videos of molar extractions. Previous research (and a bit of common sense) showed that molars are different from other teeth. Yes. Because they have four roots instead of one. Fortunately today's video research brought to light some interesting technology dentists are using these days that I really hope they're using at my place. They don't have to cut the tooth and remove it piece by piece. These fancy little forceps pop the whole thing out easy peasy. Wanna see? Click Here. I warn you, though. It's still kinda gross.

My next fear was the horror stories I've heard about painful needles and not being fully numb before the process begins. For information on this I turned to my mom who had a molar pulled last year. She said they put a gel on your gums to numb them before they even stick you with the needles. She goes to a different place on Ft. Hood, but Aaron said he got the gel, too. Just that it didn't numb him and the needles still hurt. My mom said it didn't hurt at all, though. Hrm. I'm not too worried. I've always been pretty good with needles. And every video I watched it only took about two minutes so that's not too bad, right? Right.

Part 2 of my Mental Preparations is, of course, relaxing. Can't spend all day obsessing over my teeth. That's a great way to get them to start hurting for no good reason. I finished off the third Delicious installment, Emily's Tea Garden. Yes, finishing means getting all the trophies. The hard one in this game (for some rediculous reason) was getting 50k in tips. Like I said before, I don't often have to re-do levels so I was forced to repeat to meet this lofty goal. But meet it I did. Wanna see? Too bad, I'm showing off anyway.

Yay! You don't care, but the next one is Emily's Taste of Fame. I have beaten this one before and gotten all of the trophies, but since I'm starting at #1 I may as well play through this one again. I think ToF was the first one I ever played so it'll be interesting to see how I do now that I have tons of Emily under my belt. Then I get to finally finish off Holiday Season since I kind of left that behind when I started over.... I just finished the last two recently so I'll probably just make sure I have all the trophies and post up pics without actually replaying them. Is that enough babbling? Okie dokie. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned (I'm having a hard time keeping track of what I've told to whom) next Wednesday I'm going to try and take a picture of my xrays when nobody's looking. ;) I should have thought of that while I was there, but I guess I was expecting (hoping) they would offer me a copy before I left.

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