Monday, December 12, 2011

Long Day Already!

  And it's only two-thirty.  Get it?  Tooth-hurty?  Ok, maybe it's funnier in person.  Or maybe just when Aaron does it.  Actually my tooth hasn't been bothering me too much, which made this morning's appointment seem a bit.... indulgent?  I went anyway, even though I was pretty scared.  Pretty damn scared.  Gave myself a pep-talk the whole way.  Everyone was really nice, though.  First I had the xrays done which is way different than it used to be *ahem* 20 years ago when I last saw a dentist and they were still using the cardboard thingy.  The tech had these plastic doohikies that lined up with the xray zapper.  She took about twelve pictures of my teeth, and I recognized the offending tooth straight away.  Mostly because it sticks down so much farther than the others.  Also because I could see what appeared to be a cavity (as in a cave-like structure) with something inside it.... I wonder if that bacon is still in there? 

  After that came the hygenist.  She poked around my teeth for a bit.  Said 1 to 3 were good numbers and I had mostly that.  A couple 4s and 5s, but not too many.  And one 15.  That's the wisdom tooth stuck behind the mongoloid molar that I haven't been able to reach with my toothbrush.  I knew that when she poked it so I'm not too worried.  She even gave me a mirror so she could show me where on the backs of my bottom front teeth are pretty bad, but at least now I know where I need to work on brushing better.  I've had some enamel chip off of there in the past (which left the edges pretty sharp for a while) I just need to remember while I'm brushing.  Because I'm certainly not paying $1000 just to have my teeth cleaned.  Perhaps after I get this extraction paid off.  Maybe.

  Extraction?  Oh yes.  Third came the actual dentist.  He poked around my mouth a bit and peaked at the xrays (which kept trying to freeze up the computer for some reason; I wish they would have offered my xrays on a disc so I could show you the problem, but alas) and asked me when I had my other three wisdom teeth extracted..... Excuse me?  I've never had a tooth pulled.  Apparently Lizzy was only born with one wisdom tooth.  Given the name, I'm not quite sure how to take that.  They're not up in my gums waiting to erupt at any time so I've been worried about that pain all these years for nothing.  Anyway, what he wants to do is pull three of my teeth (the two huge, sideways molars and the wisdom tooth) and fill a cavity I have that "doesn't appear to have reached the nerve".  What he wants to do would come out to about another $2000.

  So, where does this leave me?  Well, thanks to the kindly receptionst (who remembered me from when I came in to make the appointment!) it leaves me with getting the wisdom tooth and offending molar removed and nothing more.  I'll have a small down payment and smallish monthly payments which will come to about $600 altogether.  Because I'm not getting knocked out.  They'd have to send me to an oral surgeon for that and no thank you.  My financing is here (there... whatever) and the dentist seemed confident that he could pull all of them no problem so I'll just get them numbed and yanked.  I got my leg operated on without being knocked out, hopefully I can handle this as well.  The appointment is set for Wednesday the 21st, so be on the lookout for that blog.

  And now a bit of fun time.  I mentioned Saturday that I had beaten Delicious 1, and today I just beat Delicious 2.  Which I had never played before.  I even got all of the trophies!  Even the rediculous ones like burning 100 foods and having 100 customers walk away angry.  I had to do those on purpose because that's not the kind of thing I get on accident.  Did that sound cocky?  Well, it's true.  Wanna see my trophies?

Ta-da!  All of them.  According to wikipedia the next installment (since they quit using numbers) is Emily's Tea Garden.  I have played it before, but I'm not 100% sure I beat it.  According to my mom the "posh" restaurant is really hard, but after besting the first one I'm confident I can do this, too.

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