Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Like Pulling Teeth

I can't say much from his point of view, but on my end I don't think "like pulling teeth" means quite what it used to. So easy, so quick and so painless. Mostly. Let me back up a bit and start from the beginning. First, let's remove this gauze and relax my jaw..... oh that's so much better. Here we go.

Woke up like a shot when my alarm went off at 7:15am. Got dressed, brushed my teeth, headed out and was on my way before my brain really got to register what I may be in for. Got there early and waited in the car for about 10 minutes before heading in. Checked in and sat for maybe 3 minutes before the lady called me back.

Lady: "How are you this morning?"
Me: "Nervous"
Lady: "What a question when you're having a procedure this early, huh?"
Me: "yeah...."
Lady: "Don't worry, he's very good."

So we go back to the little cubicle. A different one than I was in before. My xrays are already up on the monitor and I wonder if I'll be able to get a picture of them. She has me sit and reassures me again that the dentist is very good at this and everything will be just fine. He comes in (same guy as last time, as far as I can tell... I never did get any names) and says not to worry, he'll make sure I'm good and numb first.

So, as you may or may not know, first comes a long q-tip with numbing gel. He sits that on my gum for a minute or so. Then comes the needle. I've always been really good with needles, and this time was no exception. Two shots on the outside of the gum: no problem. Two shots inside in "the palette": again, no problem. Wow. So far so good. I'm staring up at the cieling, taking deep breaths to relax, when the dentist says "We'll just let that sit for a bit to numb you up" and then.... they leave. I wait a moment sure they'll pop right back in, but they don't! Now's my chance!!

Ta-da!! Had just enough time to pull out my phone, hit the "cam" button, snap this and get the phone back in my pocket before they returned. Cuz I'm a ninja. This isn't really any closer, just cropped, but here's where the big problem was for so long:

I tried to circle it exactly, but stupid windows paint.... Anyway, that second tooth from the right. The one that hangs down so much further than the others and looks like it's gnawing on it's neighbor? That's the one. The one to the right of it (in this picture anyway) is my one, lone wisdom tooth. I've had problems with it in the past as well. Not so much since I covered the sharp bits with filling repair stuff.... but I'm getting sidetracked.

So they come back in and Lady asks if I'm numb to which I reply "my lips are kinda numb" cuz they are. Dentist says, "No problem. We'll just inject a little more of this in there to be sure...." and he does. Four more shots. Almost exact same spots as last time except one was further back. And then comes the moment of truth. Am I numb? Are they going to come out easily? Is it gonna hurt?! I'm about to find out as he comes at me with.... some... thing. I don't know. Whatever they use to seperate the gum from the tooth. It wasn't the sharp thing I normally see and he said "this isn't sharp" and some other stuff, but by then I was mostly frozen staring at the cieling just trying to breath. He was right, though. It wasn't sharp. I could feel him tapping around my teeth, though. And the cold! I felt the cold. That made me very nervous indeed.

So next comes the plier thingies. I don't know if they're the fancy new ones I saw on youtube or not. I do know that the first twist and *crunch* (from mongoloid scraping against it's neighbor) did hurt a very little bit and scared me. The pain was dull enough and far enough away that that isn't what scared me. The crunch did. I watch too many horror movies.... Anyway, twist~twist~twist~pull and... did you get it? He didn't say. The lady suctioned my mouth and he went back in for another go. twist~twist~twist~pull and.....

Dentist: "We're all done."
Me: "Really?!"
Dentist: "Yep. Easy, huh?"
Me: "Well yeah! Can I keep 'em?"
Dentist: "Sure. They're yours."
Lady: "We don't need them." and off she goes to grab a box.

It's a fancy box, too. Says DDS Labs and has plastic to keep the teeth from rattling around in there. Wanna see? You know you do.

The box is open there so you can see the teeth more clearly. You're welcome. The one on the right is the molar. I turned it so you can see the cavity that made me want to smash my face with a hammer. I see you ya little bastard. The one on the left is my wisdom tooth. Looks kinda like a hoof, doesn't it?

So she comes back with my teeth, a prescription for Vicodin (jeez, are you kidding?), a sheet with some basic instructions which she goes over with me and a ziploc bag with some gauze because if I have to have a cigarette I need to keep it packed tight so I don't get dry socket. Isn't that terribly conciderate? I don't understand what the big fuss about the dentist is. I love this place! So much, in fact, I think I'll go back and have another tooth pulled!*

So now I'm back home. Still doesn't hurt. Well, my jaw hurt a bit from clenching that guaze so tight, but it's better now. I should have grabbed some bananas because I'm really hungry. Oh wait, we have applesauce. Hope you enjoyed the pictures and my little story. Happy Birthday, daddy! See you soon!!

*This is not an arbitrary decision. I do have another sideways molar on the right side that needs to come out. Also a few minor cavities that need filled, but I will be waiting until these two are paid off, first.

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