Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Game Over

Several games, actually, have now been completed. It feels good to finish something. Even if it isn't really... ya know... important as far as "real life" is concerned. But we all remember The Shining and how "all work and no play" will make a person want to slaughter their family. So without further ado, I finally present to you the trophies for Delicious: Emily's Childhood Memories!

So Purdy

This time for the video I just recorded it (with the same program I used last time) and converted it using Prism instead of popping it into the Cyberlink PowerDirector so there may be extra stuff at the beginning and end, but hopefully it will be a bit better quality. I just don't know how big it will be.... Let's find out!

Childhood Memories' Fireworks

*fingers crossed* As I mentioned before I had already finished off Delicious: Emily's True Love. This one didn't have fireworks! It does have a sequence that shows her and her "true love" eating the trophies, but I figured with the small type you wouldn't be able to read the jokes anyway. So you're spared a video of this one. You still get the picture, though!

MMMmmmmm.... chocolates....

Now I'm done with those games. Until they put out a new one. There have been hints of a "tablet/phone" version, but I don't know if that will also be available on pc. I guess we'll see! Another exciting bit of game news. I finally achieved the final achievement for Fallout: New Vegas! This is very exciting for me. I was doing really well at knocking them out, but then the last one (complete three 3-star challanges; had to kill 10 Cazadors with slow-to-explode explosives) kept eluding me. Until very early this morning. So now I have 100% completion on my 6th game. Huzzah!

Take that! Haha!!

I think next I'll take a whack at Saints Row the Third and see about completing that one. In my spare time, of course. It looks a lot like the GTA series (which I like) and doesn't have any pesky online achievements (which I can't get). First, however, I noticed some stupid dishes in the stupid sink so I should take care of those.... Happy Gaming.

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